Large private sector care homes had six times more Covid deaths

We’re still beating round the bush as the terrible truth emerges that care services based on the profit motive care less and in a pandemic allow more to die.

The above, from the BBC based on a Care Inspectorate report, takes us ever closer to confirming what I was sure of a year ago:

The rate of residents dying from Covid was higher in larger care homes than smaller ones, new data reveals. Care Inspectorate figures show there were 2.1 virus deaths per 100 places in care homes with up to 20 beds. This contrasts with 12.6 deaths per 100 places in facilities with more than 80 beds.

The privately-owned homes and in particular those owned by offshore corporations maintained maximum capacity, minimum staffing, lowest pay and worse conditions forcing staff with symptoms to work, had failed infection inspections, relied on agency staff from all over the UK and skimped on PPE.

The Crown Office and Police Scotland will pick them off one-by-one.

7 thoughts on “Large private sector care homes had six times more Covid deaths

  1. Time and time again
    Reality is Reality
    And nothing other than truth ever possibly exist
    Just like Hitler found when ensconced in his bunker as his imaginary armies were redeployed to defend Berlin from 1 million advancing angry Soviets on the outskirts
    Whist in truth his Army mainly consisted
    Of Hitler Youth Children
    So ABC (BBC ) continue to play wargames
    With imagrinary data pertaining to Scotland
    Very soon upon Indy they shall have to run away or put the white flag up the pole
    As each day passes their abilities to portray reality becomes ever more desperate
    Anyone have a supply of cyanide pills for
    Their in order for them to avoid the awful truth and its consequencies
    Hitler and his cohorts had

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