BBC Scotland fails P7 sums test on Covid deaths

The QEUH did have more deaths but then it does have more beds so that doesn’t tell us much.

When you divide the number of deaths by the number of beds you get a more useful ratio. It was 0.56 for the QEUH, the same as in Ayr, a bit higher than in Kilmarnock at 0.5 and lower than for the Royal in Glasgow at 0.67.

How difficult was that for BBC Scotland’s several graduate staff?

Needless to say such open transparent data is not available, as far as I can see, for hospital in England.

2 thoughts on “BBC Scotland fails P7 sums test on Covid deaths

    1. Alasdair
      And the day is coming when we can rejoice at the death of the ABC( BBC)
      Little they realise they are digging their own grave
      And the golden rule whilst done a hole is
      Stop digging and throw out your shovel

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