‘A circus act when we should have had a serious government’

Breaking: govt docs show Johnson WILL ask EU for extension if no deal by  19/10 – SKWAWKBOX

From SNP Media:

SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP has accused the Prime Minister of being “missing in action” when the country needed him most at the height of the covid crisis. 

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Blackford said thousands of people have paid the ultimate price for his failures.

128,000 people have died of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, and this morning, the Prime Minister’s most senior former adviser, Dominic Cummings, apologised on behalf of the UK government. 

Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said: 

“We know the Prime Minister has made a series of catastrophic errors throughout this crisis. He went on holiday when he should have been leading efforts to tackle the pandemic; he was too slow to go into lockdown; he failed to secure our borders and he sent millions of people back to the office prematurely. There is no doubt that these mistakes cost many thousands of lives.

“The evidence we have heard this morning from Dominic Cummings is extraordinary but sadly not surprising. It paints a familiar pattern of behaviour – a negligent Prime Minister more concerned with his own self-interest than the interests of the country he governs.

“When people were dying, the UK government was considering chicken pox parties and joking about injecting the Prime Minister with covid live on TV. We’ve had a circus act when we should have had a serious government.

“When even a disgraced figure like Dominic Cummings is willing to own up and apologise – isn’t it time for the Prime Minister to do the same?”


5 thoughts on “‘A circus act when we should have had a serious government’

  1. If only Ian Blackford would tell Johnson what action ScotGov were going to take because of Johnson’s failings. Instead, he asks a question pointing out Johnson’s mistakes, who either answers a different question or just insults Blackford because he knows the question is just a soundbite to be repeated by the National and some websites. It means nothing. There will be no action. I wonder who’s the bigger clown?

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    1. Not particularly helpful by insulting Ian Blackford yourself.
      The failings and deliberate mishandling of the pandemic by the Tories needs pointing out…the message is getting through, unless people are really thick, it will turn on a few lightbulbs among soft no voters. Slowly slowly catchy monkey.


  2. What did “Domino” Cummings say?

    A. “Liars led by fraudsters”?
    B. “Loopy dupes”?
    C. “Whores and whore-maisters”?
    D. “Hucksters led by a fuck-ster”?

    If only I was a fly on the wallpaper!
    But then, I would have to be an 18 carrot golden fly!

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