Poll: Majority of Scots think UK is abhorrent

In the Herald today:

POLICE have received “a number of complaints” following a tweet from an SNP councillor which said “we hate the United Kingdom” in the aftermath of the Eurovision results. Rhiannon Spear, who represents the Greater Pollok ward in Glasgow and is the SNP’s national women’s convenor, has been accused of using “abhorrent language” after she wrote: “It’s ok Europe we hate the United Kingdom too. Love, Scotland.”

Really? Get a life! ‘A number’ means Annie Wells and two of her pals. ‘Assessing’ means they are just about to toss them in the bin.

From an admittedly small sample (91) though more than 10 times bigger than a typical Reporting Scotland sample of 2 angry pub owners or hairdressers, Spear has support:

Only 1 in 4 thought Spear’s comment was abhorrent. Only 1 in 4 Scots vote Tory. More than 1 in 4 Tories are abhorrent?

6 thoughts on “Poll: Majority of Scots think UK is abhorrent

    1. She should never and under any circumstances used that word HATE
      A far more considered tweet should have been along the lines that the citizens of participating nations considered the UK
      entry in Eurovision as quite simply as not worthy of any note whatsoever and ignored them completely as they are now a lost cause and a basket case who clearly are dellusional in their beliefs that
      They are the best
      I replayed Sat.nights recording last nite
      UK entry was inadequate in many areas
      Overall and in comparison to ALL other entries
      One can only describe the UK entry as
      Ameteaurish beyond belief
      Fit only for a poorly attended karaoke competition and just for the fun of it
      Unfortunately such is symptomatic of the vast majority of The UK establishments and governance
      With the exception of the Scottish government who are punching way above their weight and all despite having one fist firmly tied behind their backs
      Along with shackled ankles

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  1. The dogs are out for blood though, she will not be left alone now…a daft tweet but not a sacking offence, whereas allowing 127,000 people to die would be a sacking offence, in a normal democracy.

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  2. Null points for the coo-fetishist and his hingers-on.

    Annie Wells wi’ bells on!

    Boris wont help you– he is in enough trouble of his own.

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