Sociopath: Sturgeon ‘as bad as Johnson’

Macwhirter returns to his favourite hobby, playing the creepy journalist uncle and self-proclaimed ‘sociopath’ (below) as he pursues the First Minister and by implication her ‘new best friend’ Prof Devi Sridhar, with the same old lies about her being no better than Johnson in terms of her pandemic response. I’ve done him before but I guess he doesn’t follow me and if he did, he still wouldn’t follow me.

He writes today:

I’ll get to the festering content but first, where is the evidence? Where are the quotes? He was just there. An older guy remembering things last year. Like me, not a scoobie really.

To return to rebutting the same old lies. I’m not going to reference them again. You know where they are. Search things like ‘covid death rate’ or whatever in this blog or in official stats sites.

Johnson and his SAGE chums delayed the lockdown. The power to do so, but still without the power to borrow for furlough, was devolved only at the end of March 2020. Scottish advisers could attend SAGE but not debate decisions. Johnson spoke of ‘taking it on the chin’ and Whitty is still on Youtube explaining why we should let the virus run through the population. Scottish adviser, Prof Sridhar, had been calling for a lockdown in early February but the FM had little choice but to go along with the 4 Nations approach to avoid panic.

In the first wave, there were significantly fewer deaths in Scottish care homes and in January to March 2021, after PHE failed to use the Pfizer jag in them, care home deaths in Scotland were less than half as high as in England.

Community testing was halted because it is so unreliable, can encourage risk taking and is a waste of resources when you have a good test and trace system running in local authorities.

Schools play almost no part in community spread and the psychological benefits of opening are immense.

Over the pandemic, the infection rate was more than 50% higher in England and the death rate a third higher. Who gets the credit? Anyone?

And Ireland? Remind me why Scotland could not follow suit?

Sturgeon well out of Cummings crossfire, Iain?

And pursuing the FM with the above and other lies?

Does he dream of her?

Finally, locating Macwhirter on the political spectrum:


Self-proclaimed sociopath? Here:

I’m a self-proclaimed borderline autistic. We can be self-centred too but don’t torture animals or stalk women.

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13 thoughts on “Sociopath: Sturgeon ‘as bad as Johnson’

  1. And here’s a reputable dictionary’s definition of the noun sociopath:

    “A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience”.

    Oh, dear …..

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  2. Is this your own thinking , Iain , or is there pressure from the top to keep writing the good old Unionist tripe ?
    Or is this an old hack’s last feeble attempt to grab that elusive quality which has by-passed him for too long now – relevance ?
    Whichever , it is sad to see a once fine commentator reduced to an echo-chamber for the Daily Wail !

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  3. John,
    You wrote: “”Community testing was halted because it is so unreliable, can encourage risk taking and is a waste of resources when you have a good test and trace system running in local authorities.””

    Community testing was stopped on 12th March because PHE who were involved in supplying the tests did not have enough reagents to supply all sectors that required tests. Testing was supposed to be confined to hospital staff and patients but such testing, especially in England, was patchy to say the least. By the end of April PHE advised authorities to stop using the test that had been developed in Britain and to start using commercial test kits.

    At the start of the pandemic – Jan early Feb – PHE controlled all the testing. Scotland, and Wales and possibly NI too, had to send all their samples to the PHE labs in England for testing. It was only in mid to late February that the test kits were distributed by PHE to Scotland etc. The Virology labs in GRI and ERI then started to carry out the tests on any samples collected in Scotland but any samples that tested positive still had to be sent to PHE labs in England for confirmation.

    Test and trace – let’s not go there. Suffice to say that Scotland’s test and trace system in March, local authority based, was working. For example, the cases and contacts associated with the Nike conference in Edinburgh were found and no widespread infection in the general community were associated with it.

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    1. Here are a couple of references about testing capacity in the early stages of the pandemic. The first is a timeline of the UK Gov’s announcements on the issue. The second is about the UK Gov curtailing the devolved administrations’ access to test kits

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  4. Well the FM clearly considers her judgement to be superior to the jurisprudence of international law, and she also appears not to believe that women are adult human females. So her politics do actually pose a threat to Scotland’s potential for self-determination and open democracy.


      1. Given that one of her first acts as FM was to undo the separation of powers put in place by her predecessor? Given the Hate Crime legislation? Given Westminster has faced little meaningful resistance to forcefully removing our EU legal identity, and access to international law?


  5. As usual,unionists attack the SG because it does not act as an independent country should when it suits their agenda.
    So long as Westminster is allowed by Scots to continue to “reserve” Scottish matters to itself,we will be vulnerable to these accusations.
    Scots cannot hold Holyrood properly to account when so many things are not within it’s reponsibility and power to change.
    Unionists cannot have it both ways.

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  6. There we have it.
    A government with a lying, racist, misogynist as Prime Minister.
    With the totally incompetent Handcock running “Health”.
    With Boris’s girlfriend running staff at No10.
    With petty fascist, not-so-pretty, Pouti Patel, guarding the border against “others”.
    With his Laird-ship Alister “farmer” Jack absent in Scotland.
    With this entire Tory regime on “the take”.
    With the Leader of Holyrood opposition a part-time, coo-fetishist eijit.

    Yet oor Iain tries to pin the blame on Sturgeon?
    Bend that man over a table, and give him a CBE–

    Companion of the Boris Ego-sphere.

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  7. McWhirter, SNP hating, Nicola Sturgeon despising, irrelevant, lying lackey.
    Shame on him, he insults actual honest journalists, many of who around the world are persecuted and even murdered for trying to tell the truth about corrupt governments and outside political interference in genuine democracies.
    Lying and misleading the people for money is stooping very low indeed.

    As Upton Sinclair said, ‘it’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it’.

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