Undeclared Lib Dem attacks Covid helpline

When Sir Prof John Curtice had trouble with the Covid helpline last week it was front page news. You’d think someone like him, who knows about statistical samples and significance, might have realised his single case might be too wee a sample but no, too important for that, he went straight to the media.

Back in February, it was rabid Unionist, Ian Rankin, author of the Rubbish series, whose son was ‘forgotten’ by the vaccine programme.

Several wrote to me in response praising the same helpline. Might the MSM have reported those?

Today, we have another one, one, in the Herald:

A woman who moved to Scotland from England says she was left “at her wit’s end” trying to chase a missing vaccine appointment through the national Covid helpline. Paola Rizzato, 48, was overlooked for her first vaccination despite registering with a GP surgery immediately after arriving in Glasgow with her husband, a healthcare worker, in March.

Here’s a thought or two:

Why didn’t she contact her GP again? Or her MSP or MP office? Why straight to the Herald?

Was it the GP’s failure rather than the helpline per se? Is the GP an in-law of Anas Sarwar or Monica Lennon’s cousin?

What percentage out of the thousands vaccinated every day are ‘overlooked?’ Less than 0.1%?

What kind of reporting is the above?

Is Paolo the Lib Dem activist who nominated a candidate in the East Sussex County Council elections in 2017? https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/media/8235/nop-lewes.pdf

8 thoughts on “Undeclared Lib Dem attacks Covid helpline

  1. If she only arrived in March , was this not a little short notice ? When transferring from an English GP to a Scottish one , was there not likely to be a little delay given the bureaucracy and the circumstances ?
    My son experienced a delay , long before the pandemic in transferring from Bristol to our local GP . Just saying !
    However , I am , like John these days , always suspicious of the motives of people whose first port of call is the media when they have a ”possible” SNP Baaad story .

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  2. I was left off the list and only got my first jab by turning up at the centre and demanding one. The national “help” line was a disgrace. I also contacted my GP, my health board, my MP and MSP. Nobody could tell me anything. The system is utterly opaque, even for those who work in it.

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  3. I too was left off the list, called the helpline and was given an appointment within the week. Second jag, received the letter and attended.
    Very well organised.

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  4. No offence intended John, but you more than most know Scottish media has long searched out anti-SG/SNP snippets they can explode as a “scoop”, HMS Sarah Smith has regular radio slots inviting texts they can exploit, that’s the nature of THEIR game.
    However, it’s more than a tad lazy to presume Curtice or anybody else actively went looking for media attention rather than the media stumbled across an otherwise innocent aside to develop and exploit into a “scandal”

    There is no question the SG vaccination programme is working effectively, but the angst with which weekend appointment misses were seized on by the media spoke volumes, ignoring the GLARING question, was vaccine wasted?
    The reason is they know it’s not, THAT they do not want to advertise, it’s all about portrayed failure.
    Errors should always be anticipated, but for dePfeffel disease there is apparently no cure in England, the Amercian/Turkish variant..


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