90% of most complained about care homes privately run

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The corporate-run Herald did reveal the above fact, as 18 out of 20, but chose two headlines which serve to divert attention from the corporations onto the state regulator and to conceal their presence in the data:

Why did the care inspectors investigate far fewer cases of complaints, in a pandemic year, in places where the most vulnerable were homed? Duh, let me think.

On complaints, I’ve been here before. In November 2020, I wrote:

There are 291 voluntary [not for profit] sector, 232 local authority and 727 private care homes in Scotland.

In the last year, to March 31 2020, there were 158 complaints about voluntary sector homes, 2040 about private homes and 146 about local authority homes.


There are thus 2.5 times as many private as voluntary homes but the level of complaints is 13 times higher.

So, the level of complaints to private homes, taking account of the number there are, is around 4 times higher than in voluntary sector or local authority care homes for the elderly.

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8 thoughts on “90% of most complained about care homes privately run

  1. These Care Homes are protected as they supply regular spokesmen complaining about the Scottish Governments handling of the Covid crisis to the press and the BBC .
    That appears to be their raison d’etre – not protecting their clients .

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    1. Ah yes, Mr Kilgour, by all accounts he does run a good care home, but his representation of the industry was blown as non-partisan when he colluded with the Opposition and PQ to smear SG part way through a pandemic, but his credibility was blown to pieces by collaboration with Poison Pennington.

      The public may have been quietly suspicious the care-home cash cow was being protected, but to draw attention to it by involving SiU is akin to announcing the Mafia are your official advertisers….



      1. Mr Kilgour’s political ‘credentials’ are clear as founder and chairman of Scottish Business UK (SBUK). Its mission statement says: ‘SBUK is providing a forceful voice against a second ballot on separation ..’

        So SBUK lost this argument at the last Holyrood election: did anyone hear its ‘powerful voice’ during the election campaign by the way?

        Matters have moved on and Mr Kilgour and SBUK should acknowledge this. We again have a democratically elected parliament with a majority to hold an IndyRef.

        Mr Kilgour and his SBUK allies are not just against independence – they have the right to argue their case – they are still against the holding of a democratically-mandated event in order for the people of Scotland to consider all the arguments afresh and decide their constitutional future for themselves.

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  2. Any care or health service, not in public hands, functions to make a profit, above all else. It’s wrong on so many levels. It happens in private care settings the world over, it even happens at vets. I knew someone who’s father in law in the US had cancer, by all accounts, he was being kept alive but in much pain with many drugs when perhaps it was not the best way to treat him, and it was costing a fortune, big pharma.
    My cousin’s cat in England became very ill, the private vets treated the poor thing for a stomach complaint, the cat died days later in agony, the family having forked out £600. The cat it turned out had been poisoned, the vet should have spotted that straight away, but they were quids in while the cat suffered a horrible death. My sisters dog was treated by private vets for years, needing meds for some ‘condition’ which left him in a lot of pain and cost her thousands of £’s. She fell on hard times and had to use the PDSA, dog was treated effectively, his ‘condition’, and pain were gone.

    Why would you trust anyone supposedly treating a person or animal for a health problem, when their main objective is about making money from the person or animal being ill. It’s why the US is a terrible place to be if you are ill, and why the privatisation of the NHS including the Scottish NHS, if the EngGov can get away with it, must be resisted and stopped at all costs.
    Ps, obviously not all private healthcare and vets services are unscrupulous, but it’s always a risk and does happen, far too often it seems.

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