TWO Wales ambulance delay deaths: calls for Lee Brooks (?) to resign

On July 27th and today, 29th, only two days later, we read of two incidents of failure leading to unnecessary deaths after delays by ambulances, reported by BBC Wales.

Astonishingly, neither report mentions that current Welsh Minister for Health is Eluned Morgan MS. Do BBC Wales know of him. Do the Welsh people know? Does Welsh Labour know?

Sorry its ‘her’:

Eluned Morgan AM (28136582086).jpg
Nope, me neither

She’s not mentioned at all in the BBC reports of a clearly emerging crisis in NHS Wales.

Welsh Ambulance operations director, Lee Brooks, is mentioned:

Lee Brooks, director of operations at the Welsh Ambulance Service
Nope, me neither.

Actually, there are no calls for him to go. The opposition parties in Wales seem to have nothing to say and he just says he’s sorry.

Contrast this with the media profile of Humza Yousaf if so much as paper clips go missing from an NHS office.

AND, it’s not even the first time. In 2019:

A picture containing indoor

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Then, Jason Killens, chief executive:

“We are sorry that our response took longer than we would have liked on this occasion. “Lengthy waits for an ambulance are a sign of pressures across the whole unscheduled care system, not just in Wales but across the UK

Imagine, just imagine, Scottish opposition politicians, hearing that?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is two-4.png

8 thoughts on “TWO Wales ambulance delay deaths: calls for Lee Brooks (?) to resign

  1. The Buck stops at the Top
    But only in Scotland
    Where a whole MSM army manufacture
    Them and let lose
    Meanwhile in the rest ok UK
    they have scrapped all Bucks
    A new commandment for them
    From the infallible Boris

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  2. The Welsh obviously do not have the benefit of that Scottish phenomenon , Anus Sarwar , Ambulance Chaser extraordinaire !
    No incident , no matter how far removed from the Scottish Government’s responsibility , will be allowed to escape the attention of the Labour Avenger .
    The man who subscribes to the old political tenet that once you can fake sincerity , you’ve got it made !

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  3. “Let the dead pile up”. –An unnoticed quote from Blondie, the hero of “Scottish” hackery.

    You can die many times in England—unreported.
    You can die a few times in Wales—vaguely in view.
    But die in Scotland, and the “Scottish” hack-pack will have you dead once, twice or as many times, in many different contexts, as can be managed between weather reports and the wee white dot (after the English Anthem)—for days, weeks, months on end.

    A stranger might imagine it is a contest between aspiring Goebbelesque types for a Great Prize–
    “Brit Nit Hyperbole-ist of the Year”.
    A job in the Hi Jack Bunker, and a wee pat on the head from Grand Dame Ruthie, awaits the winner.

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