Why US might scrap travel ban but just for Scots and Welsh


There’s quite a good reason why US officials might think maybe not, at least for England and Northern Ireland:

The infection rate in the US at 18.6 per 100 000 is converging with that in Wales and Scotland, at around 25 but is much lower than England, where they has an increase yesterday, at 52 and Northern Ireland at 72.

And, in some blackspots in the North of England the rate is close to 100 per 100 000.

Footnote: I know they wouldn’t do what I said in the headline. Just teasing.


4 thoughts on “Why US might scrap travel ban but just for Scots and Welsh

  1. According to the BEEB, Scotland is…..
    “The once, and future, Covid Capital of Europe”.
    An accolade they will NEVER tire of bestowing on a Scotland without a proper media to refute their malign smears.

    Stats? Stats are for fools who know not how to manipulate them. In the Boris Universe all things are possible for card-carrying Tory propagandists—a nice wee job in the Hi Jack Bunker, perhaps?

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  2. Scotland, tarred with the same brush as England, I mean rather, tarred with a much much dirtier brush by the so called media.

    I was thinking, does anyone know when ‘Britain’ started to become known as the UK, and when folk (citizens in Scotland, subjects of her maj, in England) of the UK started to become Britons, again, and when ‘Britain’ started to be known as ‘Great Britain’ again. I’m very confused, I have always thought of the UK as replacing ‘GB’ and ‘Britain’ and thought of ‘Britons’ as being really an ancient term going back to when they were a tad uncivilised. /;-)
    What’s a ‘Briton’? Are people not getting confused and frustrated about it all? British, great Britain, Britons lol, UK? UK seems to be an old fashioned term now, hmmm. UNITED kingdom, hmmm.

    What are we? Who are they? Does England know what or who it is?

    Scottish not British, and not a ‘Briton’, and the UK is dead to me.

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    1. Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia but doesn’t claim to be Scandinavia or try to impose Swedish law on it’s neighbouring Scandinavian countries.
      England and UK/Britishness is another thing altogether.
      Brexit has exposed Englishness for what it really is.
      Living in ther past.

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  3. The US is a proper federal republic with a constitution and a separation of powers to provide checks and balances and a clear demarcation between the powers of the federal government and those of individual states. So, although our dishonest and toadying government has scrapped quarantine for travellers from the US into the UK, travellers in the opposite direction will have to comply with the laws of the states to which they are going. Saying, “But I am English, so these laws do not apply to me”, will not cut it with immigration officers in the individual states. Such a bombastic statement, would probably mean marched at gunpoint back to the plane as an undesirable alien.


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