The sun shines on the righteous but everybody gets better flood defences

I take little pleasure (;-)) in the Scottish Tories and BBC HQ getting wet today but it gives me the excuse to get my rebuttal in before the butts from yoons about Scotland’s SNP flood defences appear, like John Beattie’s exploitation of the Loch Lomond drownings.

It tweeted this 5 hours ago:

-up Scotland@ProfJWR·When will opposition parties claim Scotland’s flood defences are not good enough and Sturgeon is in some way to blame? Go on. It’ll give me a chance to repeat how our stricter planning and building regs mean damage is far less here than in Rumpuk.

No sign so far.

Never mind, I have the answers in my archives:

The evidence for Scotland having better flood protection, never mentioned in our NoMedia:

As far back as 2006, researchers at the English College of Estates Management, whose patron is HRH Prince of Wales, made a number of highly encouraging comments about the achievements of the Labour-run Scottish Executive, SEPA and the Local Authorities:

As far as flood protection is concerned, unlike in England, the 1 in 200-year standard of protection is ‘universal’ for all new buildings, with a 1,000-year standard for such vulnerable uses as old people’s homes, schools, hospitals etc. In addition, construction in flood hazard areas has almost completely ended. Crichton (2003: 26) estimates that “the active flood management programme currently in progress will result in almost all high-risk properties being protected against the 200-year flood within the next three years, taking climate change into account.” It is also interesting to note that the Scottish Executive grants for flood defences have never been refused on the grounds of budget restraints and there is no rationing of flood defence spending.

It is clear, however, that the more stringent building standards which are applied in Scotland ensure that severe storms result in much less property damage than comparable events in England. Also, the level of flood protection and the commitment of funding to achieve flood protection are higher in Scotland than in England.’

College of Estates Management at:

12 thoughts on “The sun shines on the righteous but everybody gets better flood defences

  1. This is exactly why yours is one of the few indy sites I still visit regularly John, so refreshing to get short positive news stories about things that are happening in Scotland that we will never hear from what should be our regular news providers. Sadly I suspect John Beattie will be trawling the country for an alternative view as we speak but then I rarely last longer than 20 mins into any RS programme now

    Totally of topic, I watched the film Official Secrets last night about the whistleblower who leaked info on the Bush & Blair fraudulent Iraqi WMD claims, well worth a watch I thought. Anyone else seen it yet?

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  2. BBC Shortbread and John Beattie flooded with ‘facts’ from an anonymous blogger ( code name ‘John’ ) who has inundated them in details about how good Scottish Flood Defences are , so much so that they are drowning in an ocean of , what can only be described as , unfair comparisons with the World Beating English equivalent .
    Swimming against this tide of information , Mr Beattie , recently found to be out of his depth when discussing fatal drownings , resorted to his default setting and pulled the plug on blogger John’s attempts to inform by blaming the Scottish Government and Admiral Sturgeon for its failure to sink these SNP cybernats .

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    1. That made me laugh James. Maybe he’ll get an interview with the guy whose castle was nearly swept away in floods a year or so ago, bound to have been the SNPs fault

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  3. London S/E flooded. Scottish revenues pay for London barriers. London S/E totally congested. Westminster economic policies have depopulated Scotland. The North/South divide. Scotland landmass will rise. Scotland’s revenues illegally and secretly taken to fund London S/E, since 1928 and before. The Tory/unionists on the take.

    The Tories getting desperate. Water rising. Polls falling.

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  4. I would add a cautionary note to your otherwise excellent point – Storm recurrence (1 in 100/200/etc) are statistical probabilities based on historical data, for which the UK has maintained a remarkably accurate record, but it has to be viewed in context.

    Weather patterns now are nothing like 1821 or 1021, nor are the major populations or conditions on the ground, we really are in no-man’s land by way of predictions despite the best efforts of flood modellers – If the rain falls in a different place for a different duration and intensity we really are guessing at the outcome, the bridge overflowing on Union Street Aberdeen is as graphic an example as any of WTF.

    By way of further example I recall one incident in Stonehaven in the 1980s where a householder was flooded out on a slope, all we could do was sandbag the front door and open the back door to let the water out, and hope it didn’t scour out the foundations.

    Scotland may enjoy more favourable topography to England, but unlike the Dutch who planned centuries ahead, political myopia constrained by the electoral cycle is the UK’s millstone in modern times.

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  5. The Stonehaven Defence system was not implemented. Tory/Libdem authority. Aberdeenshire. Faults all round. They got funding. Nothing to do with the Scottish Gov. Council administration fault.

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    1. With the greatest of respect, this was the 1980s, there was no SG to blame anyway.

      The Carron blew an embankment and all hydraulic hell let loose, in commiserating with the occupants on the other side of the Carron which was now their hallway, we didn’t frankly consider the administrative or financial aspects, only how we were going to boil a kettle for a tea, solve their sleeping arrangements, secure the house, and organise crews for morning repair and clean-up the mess come daylight.
      I can only express my thanks you were not there to assist, you would quickly have been “accidentally” introduced to the Carron with the back door flung open…
      It’s not always about politics… 😉

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  6. Devolution 2000. Scottish Office 1980. Thatcher Tories. There was no Scottish Gov. Or SNP administration.

    Pill – free contraception (1960s+)

    Population in European countries falling without migration.

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  7. Anent flood warnings and BBC Scotland: The Met Office on Monday evening (26, July) issued a warning of heavy rain in a belt across north Scotland centred on Inverness. It added that there was a ‘risk’ of flooding. All sensible stuff.

    The BBC Scotland website put as the main lead ‘Flood Warning for Northern Scotland’ accompanied by a large photograph of an unnamed town (which might have been anywhere from Cornwall to Caithness) with its streets filled with water. The rain had not even started at that time and, as it happened, despite the rainfall there was no flooding reported.

    So, a totally fallacious photograph to distort the sensible alert from the Met Office. The message is: “We are here to tell you how bad Scotland is and even if what we say has not happened we will give the impression that it has.”

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    1. The ‘UK Met office’ got it wrong for Edinburgh, we were to expect huge storms and tons of rain, with amber risk of flooding etc, but, a couple of heavy showers was all we saw. I try to find alternatives to the UK met office because they are quite often wrong in their forecasts, we need a more reliable and specific Scottish weather centre, or is there one and I am missing something?

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  8. SNP rain wetter than “British” rain reports “Godbless Blighty” news.
    Andra’ Brillo the doyen of Britness claims the SNP rain is entirely aimed at himself and Nelly Olive, whose expensive bonces are a tribute to decades of rug-weaving.
    The Wee Chancellor has come to visit Bonnie Oil’n’whiskyland.
    He too complains of the SNP rain, as, with his wee legs, he might get washed—–just joking–he never got out the Limo!

    SNP rain–the rain of grievance, that drowns out the common sense of DRossie and the invisible Starwars.

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  9. Well, as the old saying goes:

    The rain it falls upon the just
    And also on the unjust fella

    But chiefly on the just
    Because the unjust nicked the just’s umbrella

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