Only 28 out of 2 800 Covid cases were caught in hospitals

According to Public Health Scotland today:

28 (0.1%) [Covid cases] were reported as definite hospital onset (first positive specimen date was 15 or more days after admission to NHS board). In the previous week (week ending 27 June 2021) there were 9 (0.05%).

This not a statistically significant change and, as you can see, tiny in the contest of rates early in the year.

Figure 1: Epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay, by onset status: week-ending 1 March 2020 to week-ending 4 July 2021 (n= 15,984).

Public Health England has solved its hospital onset problems by not reporting them but there are always leaks?

In the first wave when Scotland peaked at 10% NHS England estimated 20-25%:

Click to access S1056_Contribution_of_nosocomial_infections_to_the_first_wave.pdf

In the second wave in NHS England, 17.6% of Covid cases were hospital-acquired infections and in the North West, 25%!

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

2 thoughts on “Only 28 out of 2 800 Covid cases were caught in hospitals

  1. The most pathetic of the 28, will be invited onto Repressing Scotland with their tales of woe–as long as they blame Sturgeon, the SNP government and not “for not focusing on the day-job”!
    To help with this will be the “pucker-up hucksters “–
    Wee Totie Annie and Big Shoogly Jaikit will sing …….
    “We once wiz lost, but noo wir found”.
    Also Nut King Cole-Ham with his new book–“Fairy tales from the land of the Dumbs”!
    And tra-la–Grand Dame La Ruthie will her new culinary book—
    “Cooking the books with Dark Money”

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