NO SHOCK as ‘Scottish’ Sunday Express lies on vaccines

I don’t suppose there is any point in asking the British Nats at the Express to ‘up THEIR game’ or to learn than they’re called jags here.

Slump? This slump?

So we’re in a slump even though we have almost caught the flatlining Welsh vaccination rate and are leaving behind the struggling English and Northern Ireland systems?

On second doses, not catching Wales but still ahead of England and Northern Ireland.

0.2% behind Wales last night but likely by close of play today to have vaccinated more of the population than any other part of the UK.

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24 thoughts on “NO SHOCK as ‘Scottish’ Sunday Express lies on vaccines

  1. I sometimes wonder if the people who buy these sort of publications want to hear how bad Scotland is.
    Perhaps it fits with their psyche?
    Fortunately they appear to be diminishing in numbers.

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  2. As a well settled English person who has lived most of my life in Scotland these lies truly frustrate the hell out of me. The quicker us Yessers get Indy the better. Surely the word Jab tells everyone this was not even written up here. Just a comic with made up stories prompted by jealousy.

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  3. Jackie Baillie MSP was peddling this line last week, ‘demanding’ that the SG ‘up its game’, with regard to vaccines since ‘the rate has been falling for several weeks’. She went on to claim there is no excuse because she knows there are 800 000 vaccines in reserve.

    Her claims were not challenged seriously, no comparisons were made with the rest of the UK, where the same downward trend in the rate of vaccinations has been observed. It was not pointed out to her that the rate of vaccination in Scotland has been the highest in the UK for about the past month.

    Do journalists not look at such data? Of course, they do, but select only what they perceive as ‘bad’ and present it out of context. And, of course, they simply lie.

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  4. Personally i do not give a dam
    But slowly but surely all in the Indy movement let it be known to ALL pedlars
    Of this insidious propaganda
    That upon Indy the rules change rapidly
    And as such no apology ever accepted of them as we slowly but surely organise groups to work expeditiously to shame and blacken them with the sole objective
    And without any vitriol ever
    To slowly but with certainty deprive them the most important things that matter to them and in the following order
    1.Money boycott them and all their advertisers and funders
    2.Destroy any credibility they think they
    3. Rid them of any prestige or honour in Scotland
    In short write and spell out the future that awaits them
    Whilst doing so Keep the Heid at all costs
    Do no wrong let them make all the mistakes
    Excuse the pun
    They are paper tigers
    So let us be rid of them for such people have no place whatsoever in building a new Nation that is fair,responsible and equitable striving constantly to maximise our natural resources and our citizens abilities for the benefit of all
    In a dedicated fair but very responsible manner
    Those who do not wish to join then i say
    Go And Go Now

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  5. Pointless complaining nor pointing out their lies . No sooner do they get caught out in one lie than they shamelessly shift their focus to something else .

    Baillie and the Scottish Labouring Party have now switched their attack to Long Covid , suggesting that , as they have noticed this ailment , it should be IMMEDIATELY dealt with by the SG. When the SG DO tackle this then the next ”problem” will be highlighted by the Doom Merchants ( aka Scottish Unionists ) but NO credit will be given for dealing with the previous ”problem ”.

    The opposition are NOT concerned with the Health issues nor with how people are affected , their raison d’etre is to score political points only . To this end they will lie and lie and lie – and because they have the Unionist media backing them they are NEVER called out for this heinous behaviour !

    In normal times this might just be tolerated but when thousands have died and many thousands more are in peril this behaviour , undermining the Government ‘s medically backed messaging , is little short of evil !

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  6. I was not convinced by the UK government’s explanation of the previously very high vaccination rates in Wales, i.e. that they were taking a risk in reducing their buffer stock.
    (unsurprisingly I don’t trust anything they say)

    However, that may well explain why the vaccination rate in Wales has levelled off, and Scotland has caught up.

    What really annoys me about this, and many other topics, is the mealy-mouthed nature of Nicola’s responses to questions and the SNP’s almost total failure to provide the facts.

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    1. ” mealy -mouthed nature of Nicola’s responses ” – really ???

      She has probably been the only leader of a UK political party NOT to indulge in party political point scoring during this pandemic . What would you have liked her to do – sing a chorus of ”Flower of Scotland ” after every presser ? How would that have been received ?

      ”total failure to provide the facts ” – really ???

      Have you NOT heard her repeated answers to the aggressive and biased questions of the media pointing out ”the facts” , which were then completely ignored by the next questioner who asked basically the same loaded question ?
      The media will NOT print the facts unless they undermine the First Minister /Scottish Government . Do you ever listen to the BBC Misreporting Scotland bias ?

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    2. Your ultimate paragraph ruined what was a perfectly logical statement, and to be clear, I am not a SNP member.

      By “mealy-mouthed” are you referring to NOT attacking the Dispensary in England ? Or is your deliberate slight on behalf of another entirely separate issue ?

      The entire SG team including SNHS and all the arms of government throughout this pandemic have amid the most atrocious peacetime propaganda campaign in the history of the UK left Scots safer than Northumbrians right next door, better informed and more acutely aware of the propaganda war being waged through London’s clumsy arrogance.
      So what’s mealy-mouthed ? GRA, HCB, Kerr being recognised as a complete Arse wi Teeth with to official recognition ?

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      1. To be clear, I am an SNP member. And I believe the FM has done a sterling job of protecting us (within the powers available).

        You & I may be better informed etc, but I don’t believe this applies to enough of the general public.

        I’ve concluded that the longer this has gone on, the miserabilist, unionist, media have seriously damaged her messaging. We all hear Nicola saying (for example) that it’s up to Boris to decide what happens in his country. On some occasions, she makes it clearer that she thinks Boris is wrong, but not often enough and not forcefully enough – that’s what I meant by mealy-mouthed.

        The default starting position of a large minority of the Scottish public is to think Boris must be right, and “our” fabulous media don’t disabuse them of that.

        The danger is that it ends up not mattering what she says because the public is swamped by press and BBC headlines on what Boris and his death-dispensing pals are saying. The headlines are all that matters, and we could have done with more “controversial” statements from the FM that would have guaranteed a headline.

        Have you never listened to the FM’s briefings and thought something similar to me?

        On the SNP more generally, my complaint is about the lack of rebuttals – the @theSNPMedia Twitter account was short-lived, but we were led to believe that something new would be ramped up. Quotes from SNP spokespeople at the end of an SNP-Bad article are generally weak, and sometimes non-existent. SNP spokespeople could also have taken on more of what I miss from the FM on pandemic responses to Boris & co.


  7. As Scotland cannot close their borders, and can only ask nicely if people would maybe stop going to and from Scotland if you don’t mind pretty please, then Scotland is at the mercy of the English disaster capitalists in London, and it’s not looking good at all re Covid.

    Help, I had an email from friends in Northumberland, and they were very anti Scottish independence in 2014, one of them is Irish, but who have softened slightly though they love to report SNP and Scotland bad at any opportunity. Anyway, email saying ‘Scotland has highest rates of Covid in Europe’. Grrr. Now, if anyone can direct me to articles refuting that in clear terms I would be grateful and send it on to them.
    Notably my friends in N’umberland are academics who read the Guardian rag and watch BBC and CH4 for their ‘news’. Hmm.

    I have noticed Dr. Campbell based in Sheffield, on his YT channel has started to go soft on ‘UK’ data a bit more recently, but does much to tell us about India etc…he never reports positive stats re Scotland, not surprising.

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    1. Perhaps this from our host.
      The confusion over Scotland’s condition should not be surprising given HMS Sarah Smooth, BBC HQ, and MSM have curiously been on the same page throughout despite ample evidence it was all a crock of shit.
      From the FM favouring Glasgow over Aberdeen as she’s a Weegie (she’s not) to the secret bunker in Ayrshire with enough vaccine for the entire planet, the propaganda keeps on coming from the Hohnson/Gove production line…
      Do your Northumberland friends realise they are currently in the “Hotspot in Europe” ?
      I suspect not. Nobody told them from the BBC….

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  8. It isn’t possible to support the rule-of-law and democracy, let alone public health, if your constitutional law is blind to the Natural law. Which is Westminster’s default position, as English legal culture holds Westminster the supreme source of legal authority. So Scots law and legal practice is effectively separated from universal moral and practical reason, a.k.a. Natural law. Which is a crime against humanity, not just Scotland.

    Natural Law and Ethical Non-Naturalism


  9. Crime against humanity?

    Scotland entered into legal partnership with England, though Westminster has forced Scots law to abandon its intrinsic nature, and failed to uphold its legal duty to protect Scotland from English majoritarianism. Westminster also prevents Scots from contributing to the content of the Natural law, which diminishes the quality of legal judgement universally.

    Natural Law and History:
    Challenging the Legalism
    of John Finnis


  10. Aye @john that’s a pretty devastating “slump” all right but I’d question how many actually swallow this bunkum ? Were it not for “Good Moaning Scotland” reviewing these failing rags I doubt many would even be aware of them.
    Scots have become so exposed to London led propaganda they only need read the headline to realise another load of excrement has been delivered and HMS will dutifully switch the fan on to spread it around.
    Sooner or later the fan will be forced into reverse… Glenn Campbell live and dripping brown is overdue….

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  11. Interesting that the ‘Scottish’ Sunday Express is giving away English, though the name doesn’t mention this,National Trust passes. You can tell by the different logo. Not sure if it would work for NTS sites in Scotland.

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  12. The full duplicitous nature of this Sunday Express article (dated 11 July) – amplified by the BBC News website’s Scotland page – is further exposed by the following.

    Back on 10 June the Express itself published an article under this headline: ‘Scotland vaccine warning as supply for Pfizer jab ‘squeezed’ – SNP minister raises alarm’. It reported back then that ‘NICOLA STURGEON’S SNP government has written to Westminster and called for action to be taken over a worrying shortage of vaccine supplies.’

    And more recently, on 7 July, English regional news outlets e.g. GrimsbyLive, as well as nationally in the Mirror, there are concerns in England being expressed about the shortage of vaccines.

    This headline appears: ‘Dr says UK running short on Pfizer vaccine and jabs are being cancelled’. It is being reported that:

    ‘The UK is running short on Pfizer vaccine, with appointments for jabs having to be cancelled, a doctor has claimed. Dr Clare Gerada, who sits on the NHS Assembly, says some people are seeing their second jab appointments pushed back because there is “very few Pfizer” in stock.”

    And adding: “Downing Street was said to have denied that there was any shortage of Pfizer.”

    Hard to believe that the author of the Sunday Express article was unaware of this relevant information at time of writing.

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  13. I note ch4 just covered the racist response to England’s defeat last night. Perhaps the media has the moral compass to find their way to investigating England’s post-colonial malaise. Though probably not, as that would risk highlighting post-colonial theory and perhaps linking it with legal practice. Which is what I’ve been trying to do with all these links. 😉



  14. What’s the point in the fake vaccine?

    A real vaccine stops you catching the disease. These are therefore not vaccines and it is an abuse of your position to call them such.

    Cease and desist!


  15. For the general interest of TuS readers – on the science of viral immunology and ‘real’ vaccines:

    Source: ‘Coronavirus: few vaccines prevent infection – here’s why that’s not a problem’ by Sarah L Caddy, Clinical Research Fellow in Viral Immunology and Veterinary Surgeon, University of Cambridge (January 5, 2021)


    Caddy writes: “… it may surprise you to know that not all vaccines provide the same level of protection. Some vaccines stop you getting symptomatic disease, but others stop you getting infected too. The latter is known as “sterilising immunity”. With sterilising immunity, the virus can’t even gain a toehold in the body because the immune system stops the virus entering cells and replicating.”

    She adds: “There is a subtle yet important difference between preventing disease and preventing infection. A vaccine that “just” prevents disease might not stop you from transmitting the disease to others – even if you feel fine. But a vaccine that provides sterilising immunity stops the virus in its tracks.”

    “In an ideal world, all vaccines would induce sterilising immunity. In reality, it is actually extremely difficult to produce vaccines that stop virus infection altogether. Most vaccines that are in routine use today do not achieve this. For example, vaccines targeting rotavirus, a common cause of diarrhoea in infants, are only capable of preventing severe disease. But this has still proven invaluable in controlling the virus.”

    And later notes: “.. on influenza vaccines. These vaccines typically induce protection from disease, but not necessarily protection from infection. This is largely due to the different strains of influenza that circulate – a situation that may also occur with SARS-CoV-2. It is reassuring to note that flu vaccines, despite being unable to induce sterilising immunity, are still extremely valuable at controlling the virus.’

    And: “Asymptomatically infected people typically produce virus at lower levels. Though there is not a perfect relationship, usually more virus equals more disease. Therefore, vaccinated people are less likely to transmit enough virus to cause severe disease. This in turn means that the people getting infected in this situation are going to transmit less virus to the next susceptible person.”

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    1. Thanks for this.

      In the dichotomous world in which the media live, things are black/white, right/wrong, good/bad, etc. With epidemiology and vaccination and a host of other things in the real world we have to deal with statistical distributions and probabilities, usually Bayesian ones.

      Thus, strategies to deal with epidemics are focussed on ways of reducing these probabilities so that over a period of time, the incidence of illness and its severity will decline. The period of time, as we have seen with Covid19, also allows medical personnel to devise ways of managing people who are ill and thus reduce the fatality rates and the incidence of more long-lasting effects, such as what is being called ‘long Covid’. This latter has now become an ‘attack line’ by BBCScotland and the Scottish Labour Party. Whether they want solutions to this issue is another matter. It seems that it is the attack that is the important thing for them.


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