Covid: Scotland fails to top Europe hotspot chart

Despite stupidly failing to develop enough natural immunity to stop a wee surge among the young folk, just to save a few, well more than 3 000, auld yins, Scotland has been unable to hold on to its strong showing just last week when BBC Scotland could proudly claim that we were the most infected in Europe.

Now only a determined effort by Dundee, Scotland’s house party capital, has enabled them to hang on in the top ten, but England is now presumably the Covid Capital of Europe. Why isn’t BBC UK celebrating this to help them recover from doing less well in sport?

Have we suddenly acquired lots of immunity?

Has the North of England upped its house-partying game?

Was the BBC Scotland coverage last week just pee pee?

Several Labour Lords have been heard muttering that Nicola is doing this on purpose.

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12 thoughts on “Covid: Scotland fails to top Europe hotspot chart

  1. Ah now John that’s terribly unfair…. It was the WHO table the media and Tories leapt on remember, the one the WHO were complaining about the slow data being released by HMG to update…

    This is more as the Times reported, albeit figures will constantly be in flux, but I do recall the Times table showing the north-east and Lincolnshire NE with dreadful infection levels.

    I’m unchanged in opinion this “Hotspot” story intended to divert attention from precisely this whilst Javid was trying to sell his “You must die or suffer horrible illness for your country but the Scots will die first” strategy.

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  2. If your happy to let your future be determined by the latent racism and religious bigotry that informs British nationalism and separate Scots from the justice of the Natural law tradition, then you simply don’t understand how democracy works, or you’re not a democrat. You’re a British nationalist.

    Natural Law, Catholicism, and the Protestant Critique: Why We Are Really Not That Far Apart


  3. Today’s BBC News website’s ‘Scotland’ page has its usual section advertising newspaper front pages. It has this headline: ‘Scotland’s papers: ‘Don’t delay freedom day’ and caution pleas’.


    Something like 19 front pages in Scotland feature on the BBC website. Two have headlines that are framed in line with the ‘don’t delay’ message – yes, just two out of 19. Others do have a ‘cautionary’ framing; some have critical framing of Westminster’s removal of Covid measures; others ignore the issue on their front page..

    Can you guess which of the newspaper front pages are given most prominence, that appear number one and two in the BBC’s advertising? I’m sure you will have guessed correctly. They are the ‘don’t delay freedom day’ minority.

    These top two front pages are those of the Scottish Daily Mail and the Scottish Daily Express. It is the Mail’s headline that BBC Scotland has lifted for its own: ‘’Don’t delay freedom day’’.

    Is the BBC deliberately giving most prominence to newspapers in Scotland most keen to assist Douglas Ross mount pressure on the FM ‘not to delay freedom day’?

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    1. Indeed, it couldn’t be more obvious, even the Telegraph is promoting the Forres Gump’s latest wheeze, whilst the Times urges caution.
      Running their “Covid Hotspots” pastiche in parallel to promoting opening up a la England a week ago was daft enough, but promoting DRoss’s nonsense whilst Johnson is being forced now to reconsider “freedom day” is frankly bewildering…

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  4. The UK has the top rate in Europe. The Tories have totally mismanaged the pandemic. Higher rates in the south. A diversion trying to label parts of Scotland as the ,highest. Nonsense.

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  5. Nope, the Hon Sarah managed a wee mention of our “European Plague Capital” status on BBC England’s Radio 4 Good Morning show (where she sometimes moonlights) this morning.

    While it was a PAST mention, the intention will have been to inform the hard of thinking………. SNP-BAAAD!

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