Second highest business growth in more than 20 years!

Of course, BBC Scotland don’t want anyone getting too excited so they’ve covered, smothered, the story, behind a big one calling for more Covid infection via the airports please and offered an accurate, if a tad understated, title: ‘Business output grows further as restrictions ease.’

Insider has gone for the not much better: ‘Scottish private sector ends second quarter with further rapid expansion

Rapid eh? That’s good?


The seasonally adjusted headline Business Activity Index – a measure of combined manufacturing and service sector output – posted 58.4 in June, falling from May’s survey record of 61.5, to signal the second-quickest increase in output since data collection began in 1998.


A third straight monthly increase in the level of new business at Scottish companies was recorded during June.

So, three in a row and the biggest since 1998? A bigger headlined merited? Nope?

9 thoughts on “Second highest business growth in more than 20 years!

  1. I am surprised it was not headlined Scottish Business Activity Index plummets from above 60% to above 50%.


  2. Record growth?
    Sadly there is a scratch in the BBC record where it “jumps” over the good bits.

    I had a wheen of LP’s like that.

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  3. Ah just wait for the prolonged slump
    All the pieces are firmly installed now
    By this grossly incompetent government
    Believing that the “Free Market ” has all the answers
    As things pan out now as Tony Blair would NOT say
    ” Things can only get Worse ”
    Here are the main factors that ensure such
    1.Government tax receipts insufficent
    2.Small businesses indebtness, horrendous rent demands, bank loan repayments etc
    4.Certain key areas of economy
    With skill and supply shortages
    Spiking prices and fuelling inflation
    5.A delusional government committed to spending (wasting ) billions on defence
    And on and on the band upon the decks of sinking Britania play
    But we have the lifeboat of Indy to board
    As the utter collapse comes ever clearer into focus
    The causes have arisen. The effects shall follow
    Just like the Sun shall rise come the morn as it sinks below the horizon tonight


  4. O/T but perhaps of interest in the context of this blog post on Scotland’s economy.

    The matter of the UK government’s commitment to financing international aid comes to the fore today in the Commons. However, as this House of Commons Library briefing confirms, its not only about how much the Tories wish to spend but spend on what.


    ‘The definition of what qualifies as Official Development Assistance (ODA) is set and reviewed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC), of which the UK is a Member.’

    It notes: ‘Spending on military equipment, anti-terrorism activity and some peacekeeping programmes are not included in the definition of ODA.’

    The HoCL reports that based on OECD data, only 14 countries have ever met the 0.7 percent target since 1960. Notably Denmark, Norway and Sweden started meeting the target in the 1970s and have continued to meet it in almost every year. In 2020, Sweden and Norway met their own HIGHER NATIONAL TARGETS to spend 1.0 percent of GNI (Gross National Income). (my emphasis)

    Later in the briefing we learn: ‘In their 2017 manifesto, the Conservatives said they would consider introducing a UK-specific definition for ODA spend if the Government could not change the shared international definition.

    ‘Although the commitment was absent in its 2019 manifesto, in 2020 the Ministry of Defence said it hoped a revised ODA definition would include the “very wide range of ACTIVITIES THAT DEFENCE IS INVOLVED IN”.’

    In 2018, the House of Commons’ International Development Committee (IDC) argued the Government should oppose any further increase in the proportion of UN peacekeeping operating which can be counted as ODA in order to maintain the focus of ODA on poverty reduction.

    The IDC has already concluded inefficient aid spending is minimal and not the result of the target and argued redefining ODA may undermine the focus on poverty reduction in UK aid spending.


  5. This appears to be an effect of the BBC’s legal nature, which requires them to support British nationalism. As it has been established beyond all doubt, and hope, that There Is No Alternative. Fortunately, our heads don’t all zip at the back.

    An Ethics Framework for the COVID-19 Reopening Process


  6. P.S. Covid-19 has radically changed the way we need to do things, including how we think about the relationship between nature, culture, and law. Scots will never enjoy the benefits of open democracy, if we let English Torydum, and Scotland’s legal Establishment, separate Scots further from international law and the potential for political, social, and economic justice.

    Economics in the
    Time of COVID-19


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