Infection level in England surges past plummeting level in Scotland

Newsnight, Friday 9th July 2021, 10.45pm

Only 48 hours after Kirsty Wark and the Newsnight pack raced north to gleefully report on Scotland’s infection rate, ‘the highest rate of all’, and the rate in Scotland has continued with the fall already evident to anyone paying attention.

As of tonight, the rate in England is 49.2 per 100K and in Scotland 49.1. Only the Scottish rate shows any sign of falling in the UK, in the foreseeable future.

I write this just as Italy equalise but, either way, tonight’s match must surely push the figure there even higher in the next few days.

I’ve explained why the Scottish surge happened:

As yet, I’m not sure why it is now falling so fast. Readers ahead of me will advise.

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2 thoughts on “Infection level in England surges past plummeting level in Scotland

  1. It might be due to the fact that in the current wave the greatest number affected are mainly young and that while some young people do get affected severely and might also get ‘long’ Covid, I suspect that most show no or few severe symptoms and so recover more quickly.

    However, looking at the graphs over the entire period I am not sure that the decline is any more or less rapid than the pfall from the previous peaks.

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