EXPOSED: Wife of Tory MSP covertly allowed to attack SNP on made-up GP ‘crisis’

In the above headlined report we read:

Scotland’s GPs are “firefighting” to catch up with the huge backlog in non-Covid care caused by the pandemic, it has been claimed. Health service providers across the country have been warning that they are being stretched to the limit. Three hospitals were placed on “code black” status last week, having reached capacity due to a rise in Covid cases. GPs say they are now facing even greater strain as more patients turn to their local surgeries for support.

So in a piece about pressure on GPs, the second and third out of four sentences with supposed evidence, are not about GPs at all.

Who are these GPs, plural?

Well actually, it’s just one part-timer:

Glasgow GP Dr Punam Krishan told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sunday Show there had been “no stop, no break, no respite” for exhausted healthcare workers. She said: “We’ve been trying to manage, as best we can, all non-Covid care. We are playing catch-up while trying to support our patients with all the new issues of long Covid and mental health.

Dr Krishan is self-employed, media pundit, newspaper columnist, social media enthusiast, a ‘a portfolio sessional GP whilst specialising in Lifestyle Medicine’ who, I’d argue can have little time for core GP-type activity. She is, of course, a regular on BBC Scotland platforms. Do they have her number, we wonder? We all do now.

WTF is a ‘portfolio sessional GP’? Can I have a real one please?


Thanks to reader Jim:

Krishan is the wife of Tory MSP, and John Beattie chum, Dr Sandesh Gulhane:

Seriously, I know it’s all too familiar from them, but BBC Scotland really need a good talking too. We’re paying for this pure nonsense and some old folk are thinking now that they better not bother that nice Ms Krishan.

10 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Wife of Tory MSP covertly allowed to attack SNP on made-up GP ‘crisis’

  1. Beyond being a spectacularly awful piece even by BBC-Scotland standards, that it has been promoted as lead story on the Scotland and Politics pages is as blatant and desperate a diversion from England’s woes as Wark’s excruciating attempt two days ago.

    Neither SG nor SNHS nor the Scottish public have been complacent over this latest Delta surge, but the insistence of HMS Sarah Smith that wall to wall negative propaganda may yet influence political perspectives, only proves their arrogance.

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  2. Maybe all of us with friends/relatives etc in England need to start a committed counter-propaganda campaign.

    My family, who live in N Manchester, are worried about us!! They’re both shielding and, obviously, the situation’s getting them down. They don’t need this. either.

    I’ve been telling them the actual situation and showing it’s not really as bad up here as it’s being painted for a while. Think I’ll have to initiate Phase 2. (Which I’ve just thought of 😀 ) eg “Isn’t it awful about Oxford’s hospitals? 1 or 2 of ours are a struggling a bit, but we seem to be coping, so far.”

    Doesn’t sound much, but in conversations, that’ll become “Well, my family in Scotland say it’s not as bad there as they’re making out. And they’re not telling us what’s going on here. Did you hear about Oxford?”

    I’m building on the fact that, when we were discussing lockdown way back last year, I’d say “Well, we’re not being told to do that.” (especially about masks etc.) This quickly became “We’ve stopped listening to those idiots. We follow Nicola”.

    Slowly dripping water and all that.

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  3. Well whatever the truth is, one things certain it is practically impossible to get an appointment at my surgery in Fife. Even getting past the receptionists is like being questioned by MI5. The dental practice is no better, just last week we got phone call cancelling for the THIRD time Since November our check up appointments. Seems most staff are isolating. When I last called my GPS surgery a couple of weeks ago, I asked for a telephone consultation to discuss a medication I take.. The receptionist had to know EVERYTHING before she could pass my request on.. Then said she would let the doctor know. Next day, I got a call from the surgery, it was the RECEPTIONIST, who had obviously spoken to the doctor or triage nurse or someone. And she told me that she had sent my request over to the pharmacy.. No consultation whatsoever to discuss this medication. Everyone in this area is talking about the same thing. WHY is it so difficult to see a doctor these days. And this was also when there was NO delta NO rise in figures of people testing positive. The only time we hear from the surgery is when they want to give you another jab, shingles, soon it will be the Flu jab again, & then I am sure the Covid booster..

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  4. My impression is that many (most?) members of the public – I include myself – are a bit hazy to say the least on the detailed contractual/commercial status of GP practices within Scotland’s healthcare system. And I suspect many like me are less than fully informed on the substantive changes that have been taking place post the agreement of a new GP contract in 2018.

    For illustration, here are a few (isolated) things I’ve just learned from VERY quick searches today.

    From Health Protection Scotland: ‘The Vaccine Transformation Programme (VTP) in Scotland began on 1 April 2018 to modernise the delivery of vaccination programmes, including influenza vaccination. This involves TRANSFERRING THE DELIVERY OF SUCH PROGRAMMES AWAY FROM a GP-based one to one involving delivery through specialist teams through the NHS board and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCP). This had only been partially progressed by late 2019 but has since accelerated in light of COVID. By late 2020, Scotland now has a mixed delivery model for influenza vaccination which varies by NHS Board.’

    From the BMA Scotland website: ‘2021 update to 2018 Scottish GMS (general medical services) contract – The BMA’s Scottish GP Committee (SGPC) has negotiated further expression of elements to the 2018 Scottish GMS contract.’

    ‘All vaccination and immunisation arrangements that are still part of the core contract are to be removed from the regulations by October 2021. All historic income from vaccinations, including enhanced services, will transfer into the global sum from 1 April 2022.’

    ‘Transitionary service arrangements begin in October with new payments for practices who continue to vaccinate beginning from 1 April 2022.’

    And more on the GPs’ financial settlement under their new contract: ‘GMS STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ENTITLEMENTS 2019/20’:

    In Para 2.5 C: “Where one of the Additional Services listed in Table 1 – Adjusted Global Sum Monthly Payments has transferred to Health Board delivery, contractors will no longer be providing that service but DEDUCTIONS SHOULD NOT BE MADE to their Initial GSMP. This is to ensure income stability for practices as services transfer. “

    (Additional services include among others ‘vaccinations and immunisations’.)


    So when an individual GP talks about workload and other pressures to the media, I for one will be more ‘alert’ now, keen to understand better the context formed by the GPs’ contractual arrangements and their place within the delivery of the whole health and social care system in Scotland.

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  5. Imagine a GP being a Tory, after all the Tory cuts to NHS budget. The. Tory policies killing people. Vote Tory to die younger. They have no shame.

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