Scotland’s contact tracing system still smashing WHO target

More bias by selection as BBC Scotland focus on a fall in the number contacted within 24 hours as numbers surge despite the World Health Organisation target referring to hitting 80% within 72 hours.

Why? Because we are still completing 86% on time.

As always with these reports, only those who read on, for 30 paragraphs this time, find this:

While Covid patients are waiting longer to be interviewed and fewer cases are being dealt with swiftly, the system’s overall performance is still within the targets set for it by the government. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says the aim is for 80% of new cases to have their close contacts traced and in and in quarantine within 72 hours of a positive test result. The latest PHS figures had 85.9% of cases being complete within three days of being registered with Test and Protect. This is down from 88.2% the previous week and 99.1% back in April, but still comfortably within the target range. Ms Sturgeon cited the World Health Organisation as backing the 80% target

This is classic propaganda in a liberal democracy. Keep the truth of the matter for later, knowing around 80% of readers never get that far and make sure that the headline, which many also never go beyond, makes the point that suits your agenda – SNPbad.

Then after the explanation you offer only as ‘balance’ insert a wee doubt:

However guidance published by the WHO online appears to suggest that its goal is for 80% of the close contacts of each index case to be in quarantine within three days of them developing symptoms.

So, if someone delays reporting their symptoms for three days, the contact tracers fail before they can begin?

6 thoughts on “Scotland’s contact tracing system still smashing WHO target

  1. The headline really related to Edinburgh which has had a large number of cases recently and, union-jack suited MP, Mr Ian Murray, released a statement about ‘a number of his constituents’ (unspecified) who had to wait long periods to be contacted.

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    1. Mr. Murray would need to be more specific, how long?
      Edinburgh is awash with tourists, it’s time to start inposing quarentine on those travelling into the city because it is bound to get much worse otherwise. Seeing more planes landing, Scotland’s borders are a free for all during a pandemic, with a new hugely transmissable variant spreading rapidly. Brace yourselves.

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  2. Google “Ian Murray” and you’ll find his favourite words to describe a quantity are huge, large, significant, etc – especially when he’s quoted in the MSM.

    He must have a degree in statistics.

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  3. The Herald also led with this story today but I suspect that one of the reasons for its prominence today is because of reports that are appearing of the abysmal performance of Track and Trace in England. Also reports in the last day or so that Serco, who are involved in T&T down south have seen a 50% hike in profits.

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