UK-US free trade agreement now unlikely

The SNP has criticised the UK government for its “arrogant” approach to securing new trade deals post-Brexit following a report from the U.S. International Trade Commission which found U.S. trade deals have only had a “small, positive effect” on America’s economic growth, which has put off any prospect of a U.K.-U.S. free trade agreement for several years. 
The UK Tory government has often touted a U.S. trade deal as a way of offsetting the devastation caused to exporters by Brexit.
The news comes following the UK government’s trade agreement with Australia which could leave thousands of Scottish farmers undercut on price and standards of beef, lamb and other produce, while only delivering a 0.01% net benefit to the UK economy after 15 years.
Commenting, the SNP’s Shadow International Trade Secretary Drew Hendry MP said: 
“This clear change in mood in Washington concludes that a new trade agreement between the UK and the U.S. is not a foregone conclusion as many within the Tory party believed.
“It also shows that the UK government’s approach to post-Brexit growth is utterly flawed and will cause excessive damage to our rural sector and the wider economy. The Tory argument that Brexit means more trade is a complete fallacy, with the UK’s trade with the rest of the world collapsing by almost £30 billion in the last 3 years.
“The UK government have taken an arrogant approach when trying to secure new trade deals post-Brexit which, as this report highlights, is an unmerited stance. Instead of focusing on the national interest like any normal trading nation, the Tories are approaching negotiations with the attitude that any deal is a good deal to prove a hollow Brexit point.
“Not only is their approach arrogant, it’s irresponsible and misguided. While we support maximising free trade, trying to reach free trade agreements in haste and at any cost only weakens the UK’s hand in negotiations.  
“Similar to the trade deal with Australia, which completely ignored the interest of thousands of Scottish farmers and crofters, Scotland’s key sectors are being torn apart by a deal they did not vote for.
“Scotland is increasingly vulnerable under Westminster control, and unlike the EU the Tories are not willing to do what it necessary to protect our rural and agricultural sectors.
“It is clear that independence within the European Union is the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Boris Johnson’s hard Tory Brexit deal, which has been a disaster from the outset.”
Notes to Editors:
‘Decades of trade deals brought only slight benefit to U.S. economy, commission says’ –

10 thoughts on “UK-US free trade agreement now unlikely

  1. If you remove Scottish exports and imports from the trade figures then what is left for the rest of the UK is the largest trade deficit in the whole world
    Now greatly excasbareted with the collapse in exports to the EU

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  2. Despite the insanity shown by the Great British government over Brexit,they appear to have realised the necessity of being part of a global trading bloc,any bloc however except Europe.
    Looks like their initial attempts to join NAFTA have been rebuffed so next up is the Pacific bloc.
    What exactly are they going to trade?
    Or does that matter to Johnson & Co?
    An independent Scotland would realise the benefit of trading with our nearest neighbour even after all their dodgy dealing in the past.
    However,as Ireland has shown,there are alternatives should they prove to be intractable.

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    1. The global financial elite which operates out of the money-laundering C ity of London and which controls the UK Government and has infiltrated much of the civil service, could not give a monkey’s about manufacturing and other kinds of business which create wealth which can be redistributed to working people. They are only interested in their hedge fund rentierism, which leeches wealth from the people who make things and provide services into their own rapacious maws (no, not their mammies), which they vomit into offshore accounts.

      These people, who financed the Brexit lies and sustain Johnson in power want to have a place which has very low regulation and few rights for the majority of the population.


  3. Anyone who has studied international relations and the radical-right, will have seen this state of affairs on the cards, pretty much since Thatcher. Decades of Thatcherite neo-liberalism perfectly set the conditions for economic meltdown in 2008. Which provided the ideal problem for a bunch of over-privileged English nationalist to provide the solution of austerity, before empowering racist sentiment as a benchmark of social inclusion in Brexitania. And as anyone who has studied totalitarianism will tell you, Britain’s ongoing re-imagination won’t end well for most. As racism harms the whole of society, not just its targets.

    A diagnosis of contemporary forms of racism, race and nationalism: a conversation with Professor Paul Gilroy

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    1. The paper will then make the distinction between ethnic ‘nationalism’ such as we see more and more of with the backward, insular, racist British ‘nationalism’ , rather than the Scottish preference, by and large, for internationalism. There’s a huge difference for sure.

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    1. Excruciating, yet not in the least surprising…
      How this clownish behaviour passes as “competence” in government is as perplexing as his purported popularity in England…
      As some of the comments highlight, many of the UK’s drivers packed in HGV as it was no longer worth it financially or in terms of job satisfaction, much of that down to the Tories screwing down wages…

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  4. I’ve probably not been the only one to have spotted Critical Race Theory getting panned on twitter, which is a completely colonised space that is unhealthy and unsafe, IMHO. Anyway, if you reject CRT, you reject post-colonial theory. If you reject post-colonial theory, you reject post-modern critical social theory, a.k.a. the Methodology of the Oppressed. And if you remember that liberal society has pretty much always politically and legally marginalised women and ethnic minorities, then you might appreciate why defending Scots law from gender ideology is so important. Otherwise, better get happy to being Little Englanders, without the legal right to legal rights obviously.

    Towards a theoretical synergy: Critical race theory and decolonial thought in Trumpamerica and Brexit Britain


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