Galloway comes within an inch of pushing Starmer under bus and BBC say this?

George Galloway takes 8 264 votes. Think about that. Another 324 votes and he would have handed the Batley and Spen seat to the Tories, Unionists like him.

In what can only be an attempt to shield the rightist Starmer, whose more statist agenda suits the BBC better than the mad Tories who think they are leftist and who plan to weaken them, the BBC’s Nick Eardley says:

There had been an expectation actually, that after the Hartlepool by-election, where Labour lost a massive majority to the Conservatives, that Labour were in trouble. Many people were predicting that the Conservatives would win this by-election, not because George Galloway was taking a number of votes away from the Labour Party, particularly in the sizeable Asian community in the constituency. That didn’t happen. And the fact that Kim Leadbetter has managed to come through and win this one by the narrowest of margins, only about 300 votes in it, means there will be a pretty significant sigh of relief being breathed in the Labour Party this morning. I’ve already heard from a couple of people close to Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour Leader, saying these results shows some of the talk about his leadership, some of the talk about a potential leadership challenge is overcooked and it shows that he actually has a job to be getting on with.

Really, that’s the analysis from a supposedly impartial journalist? He might as well be a SPAD for Starmer. Who on earth really thinks that the sister of a murdered MP scraping a less than 1% majority over the frankly nauseating Tories, losing more than 8 000 to the creepily comic Galloway, means anything other than more abject failure for Starmer’s strategy based on abandoning the interests of workers?

Nick – just nonsense from a deep insider, of no value to his audience.

7 thoughts on “Galloway comes within an inch of pushing Starmer under bus and BBC say this?

  1. All this is simply explained the flock of decent people in England are sheep without a shepherd
    Currently they are being driven up the ramps of a lorry by the collie dogs of neo liberal capitalist shepherds
    And the flock fails to comprehend that more often than not that the destination of the lorry they board is the Abatoir

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      1. John
        Almost correct
        The poor chap was deliberately destroyed by the MSM, and the close call
        When T.May called her snap election
        Sent the elite and their lackeys into a frenzy to kill him and his ideas for good
        But poor Corby had the right ideas but little or no clue how to achieve them in a cohesive manner
        But such is most difficult in 1st past the post in a electoral system,as your opposition will soon gain power and dismantle every major achievement
        That requires at least a generation for the real lasting benefits to bite
        But here in Scotland we have a different system and upon Indy we can and will formulate long term game changing policies for ever
        One of the main reasons for Indy is all I speak of


  2. I feel sorry for the guid folk in England.
    They have been beguiled by the English separatist, nationalist Boris “Quasi-hobo” Johnson—who lives in the bell tower of Westminster.
    A possible saviour is acted by the useless Shirr Keir O’Dear—a wooden-top from the TV show in the ’50’s.
    And then throw in Gorgeous George, a “useful fool” of the neo-con right he pretended once, to detest.

    George will fight, and fight again for the money he loves–as someone nearly said.

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  3. From coverage of the election result on the BBC News website I learned this:

    “Prof Curtice adds that it was “yet another remarkable performance” by George Galloway, who got as much as 22% of the vote.”


    By ‘yet another remarkable performance’ is the professor including in this George Galloway and his All for Unity party’s ‘remarkable performance’ in gaining all of 0.9% of the vote across Scotland in the recent Holyrood election?

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    1. I heard the interview with Professor Curtice and I was surprised that he did not mention Galloway’s risibly low vote level in the Scottish parliamentary elections. But, on reflection, I was not surprised at his omission, which was, undoubtedly, wilful.

      Professor Curtice makes a good livin out of election punditry for the BBC and he knows well the ‘narrative’ its heid bummers want propagated, which excludes anything in Scotland which casts doubt upon the Scotland is shite/Glasgow as No Mean City lie.

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