For US viewers only? How Scotland is curing crime

Thanks to Arty Hetty for sending me this.

It’s from 2018, by the American Bloomberg news agency, and offers a fascinating, positive image of Scotland.

I’ve looked at BBC Scotland output in that year and can find no reference to the Bloomberg report or anything like it. Indeed I do find reports of higher crime in some areas and the suggestion that London, suffering a wave of stabbings, might learn from the ‘Chicago Model!’


6 thoughts on “For US viewers only? How Scotland is curing crime

  1. Knife crime in England. Channel 4 have covered this in depth on several occasions sometimes to the point that it feels like tragedy porn because they rarely give any meaningful coverage to possible solutions. Only once as far as I am aware have they mentioned the Violence Reduction Unit in Scotland and then it was a very shallow, cursory report that gave the impression that the VRU operated only in Glasgow. Rarely if ever is any mention made in any of their reports on the issue of knife crime is mention made of Scotland’s so far successful initiative on this issue.

    Once more an English audience is left with the impression that it is a UK-wide problem and left in ignorance of what is actually happening elsewhere.

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    1. This wilful ignoring of the VRU by the English media and the much vaunted Channel4 News of good developments in Scotland has been standard for many years.

      During the riots in the cities of England in around 2013, Mr David Cameron, asked staff from the VRU to address the cabinet about the success of the programme, which was, at that time, mainly in Glasgow.

      So, there is no basis for the English media to be unaware of the VRU and its approach.

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    1. All’s fair in love and war, and also in the need and desire for a country to secure independence in order to be the forward looking, outward looking, much more equal country they want to be. The absolute opposite to what the EngGov aspires to and achieves.
      There how does that sound. 😉

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  2. On average 500 are murdered in the UK. Since Tory austerity, there have been 200 increase in knife killing in London. (700). UK Pop 67million.

    In the US 26,000 a year are murdered. 18,000 by gun crime. Pop 340million.
    A much higher %.


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