Omicron Latest: Scottish testing and contact tracing system more effective in protecting communities?

9 cases of the new more infectious variant, Omicron, confirmed in Scotland but still only 3 in England, despite having a far larger community with South African connections and far more flights from there into London?

Does that seem at all plausible?

Contact tracing is more difficult among some ethnicities where there is a greater tendency to distrust authorities and so the spread may be greater than known at this stage.

Also, the outsourced testing and contact tracing system in England has, throughout the pandemic, been less effective than those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

England’s covid-19 testing and tracing system failed to achieve its main objective—to break chains of transmission and enable people to return to a more normal life—despite an “eye watering” budget of £37bn (€44bn; $51bn), MPs have said.

In sharp contrast, while Scotland’s system did struggle at times as cases surged, it continued to exceed the WHO target of more than 80% within 72 hours:

4 thoughts on “Omicron Latest: Scottish testing and contact tracing system more effective in protecting communities?

    1. In 2020, when Mr Trump was still President of the USA and the number of cases in the US was rising quite sharply in a number of states he said that testing should be stopped, and the number of cases reported would fall.

      The purpose of Test and Trace in England was to bung Mr Matt Hancock’s racing crony, Dido Harding, a couple of billion pounds.

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  1. One possible reason could be PCR tests
    Looking for Omicorn
    Can only be analysed by approx 30 to 50 % of UK labs who have the equipment to
    Detect it
    So it more than likely SHNS are targeting their tests and especially PCR ones and
    Concentrating on sending to such a Lab that can detect it
    This more than possible with a Central Command control system that is already
    Meanwhile England,s PCR testing is in Private hands via a corrupt dodgy unscuraple contract
    Where it certainly is most difficult to ask them to target as Scotland does
    As this private contract has or can never been seen
    Or studied, then one is forced to speculate
    So in this instance reasonable assumption is that the private contractor
    Would consider a government instruction to do as Scotland does,as a variation to the contract
    Then a whole beauracatic contractual process kicks in
    As the private contractor would consider
    Such as a variation to the contract
    There their client ( us the Tax payer )
    Must issue a full specification along with quantities required OR a schedule of Rates to be priced for and returned for acceptance or other/further discussion and ammendment.Always time consuming for example contractor can request for considerable time to return
    Priced ammendments due to complexity of working out and arranging,sometimes this is a clever trick to inflate your prices
    By making your client desperate as he knows as each day of inaction comes and goes with even heavier costs
    Also it is more than reasonable to assume
    That in the haste to let out this corrupt contract that the Government have laid themselves wide open to fiscal rape by their contractor in the event of such a variation to contract conditions
    And are currently in shock and awe as to what price their contractor has furnished them with and in all probability onerous
    Qualifications that trip even more fiscal rape
    If this contract is so full of holes and errors
    There are no doubts that any contractor will work the contract in a manner that such becomes a dripping roast of juicy profits
    One way of achieving this is by making your tender bid look cheap and attractive to your client
    Clever clients employ reputable professional cost consultant to identify
    Where the Tender is cleverly loaded by the bidder all in order to rip you off
    R .Sunak has already had to sneak £ Billions more on 2 occs via the budget
    To raise more funds for this test and trace contract
    Bet your house on that i am very close to
    The horrible truth here

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