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Just as he did in 2015 when, in the Guardian, Walker proudly told us that the National would feel able to criticise the SNP and put imaginary journalistic principles ahead of independence, before of course joining the party in pursuit of a late career, he misrepresents what the BBC in Scotland is and what it can never be.

Within its walls in Pacific Quay, there is a strong live culture of opposition to anything that might aid the cause of independence and a willingness to employ the lowest of journalistic standards to do so. It cannot just be reformed and indeed need not be retained.

It is a state broadcaster and until the day there is only one state involved, GB.

‘Our Beeb?’ Come on, get a grip man. That’s the whole point of the British Broadcasting Corporation. It can never be ours.

In the past and no doubt today, Walker has a fondness for the place and some, at least, of the fellow journalists there. He didn’t believe they were biased in 2014 and to my knowledge has not recanted since. He happily appears in broadcasts lending them the air of balance and tolerance when, in effect, he colludes in what Marx called repressive tolerance – ‘look, we let a pro-independence voice speak’ – but bury his comments in an avalanche of pro-Union assertions, untested by any collision with the evidence. It serves no good purpose to let them exploit us in that way – stay off!

There’s another reason why they should be just dumped. The world has changed. Pacific Quay and its generous permanent staffing makes no sense today as social media transforms the media landscape. We need small companies funded by an arms-length committee with a board appointed by a democratically elected parliament’s vote for the period of that parliament and with independent scrutiny, using transparent criteria in the public domain, applied to it and to those that it funds, to ensure complete openness. That way, the public can see what its media are and on what basis reporting is done. No corporation, no political group, can be allowed any influence, anywhere in this.

The building would make a fine School of Media in one of the universities.

12 thoughts on “Non sense

  1. Absolutely agreed, Pacific Quay long crossed the line between journalistic integrity and propaganda and are beyond reform. Certain individuals should be banned for life from any role in media in a Scottish state.

    Your suggested model made me chuckle since that is how a sizeable chunk of the BBC is already run, Kirsty Wark Inc, Mentorn et al are purportedly arms length independent outfits at least on paper.
    That the current media in Scotland (and beyond) collude as a mafia is not in dispute, preventing that occurring in a new Scottish State requires sharp teeth and powers bordering on the draconian.

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    1. Aye but they are winning though, the lies and propaganda works otherwise they wouldn’t deploy it, many are conned by them, especially older people who more rely on the BBC for er ‘news’. Scotland, given the catastrophic Covid handling by the Eng/Uk/Gov and then Brexit on top of that, or vice versa, should have people in their droves turning to independence, but no, instead there are hordes of people from England escaping the isolationist backward backwater to buy up relatively cheaper properties in Scotland, who have no clue and will vote no in an independence referendum. That’s where we are at, and we can do nothing about it. No offence but is Scotland becoming like Wales, it would be interesting to know, when is the next census?


      1. I honestly don’t believe they are winning at all Hetty, “the lies and propaganda” are NOT working, that is why they are amplifying it ad nauseum, they are bricking it as they have no alternative play.
        On your English resident point consider this – Do your really move to a country solely for financial reasons, or do you simply buy it and your principal residence is elsewhere ? Because it matters for the electoral roll.

        Many have invested in Scotland for financial reasons only, they don’t get to vote, period.
        The vast majority who made their HOME in Scotland do not do so to play “Lord Muck”, the few who do will usually have a huge Union Flag on the shed and are in reality a tiny tint minority.
        Just as Scotland changed IUTBE’s perspectives, so does it for those who moved or retired here, they saw what Scotland offered and they liked it.
        Why would they want to destroy their Nirvana ?


  2. As Captain Kirk recently said re. his new RT ptogramme,you don’t have to watch it.
    So long as people are aware that the Great British Broadcasting Corporation operating in Scotland is driven by a political agenda then there shouldn’t be an issue.
    However,that is the issue,they operate under an illusion that they are even handed and fair,which of course,they are not.
    It is only blogs like this that expose their mendacious duplicity which pretty well reflects the actions of their political masters in London.
    Thank you John.

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