Not ‘shabby’ but SHABBY

Is anybody still buying this heap of rancid lies?

I suppose if just one of them reads this, my time is not wasted.


The ‘Covid push’ had all-party support. Indeed, some in parliament accused the SNP of not pushing hard enough.

The weasel speech marks tell you that there is nothing that might stand up in court but that lawyers would happily take your money to fail to prove what they already know is unprovable.

All of the patients who are transferred into care home are vulnerable. Everybody in a care home is vulnerable.

The Herald report goes on to claim, incorrectly that 20 transfers were illegal.

There is NO evidence that these discharges caused a single outbreak.

I’ve explained in detail already at:

How long have Scotland’s MSM been snuffling like a pack of hyenas on what they think is the scent of SNP blood?

A whole year with no returns. Do not buy this mince.

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5 thoughts on “Not ‘shabby’ but SHABBY

  1. Laying the ground work for an apology by Scottish Health Secretary so that BritNat Tory and NO donors like Kilgour have a recourse for taxpayers cash when the inevitable Civil Law cases due to their failures in infection control start to bite!

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  2. I’m not reading any more of that guff. As you say they’ve been at it for more than a year.

    However, if I did read it I would expect to find no mention of:

    Private nursing homes taking tens of thousands of pounds in fees each year from residents but being bailed out by the Scottish Government when they couldn’t even supply much needed PPE to their own staff.

    The staff who were brought up from England and moved around nursing homes thus transferring the virus.

    The fact that sick people can’t be discharged from hospitals without the say-so of clinicians who care for them – politicians don’t have that authority or skill.

    Several private nursing homes closed and then taken over by NHS Boards because the private operators couldn’t keep the residents safe from the virus.

    There’s probably much, much more but many of the nursing homes are privately run, responsible for their own PPE, etc., and should have been aware of infection control measures.

    The owners’ motive is profit and the bottom line.

    I’ll maybe read something about nursing homes, when the MSM investigates the owners and their lack of proper care of the residents during a pandemic. I would read that exposé.

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  3. Pure, Goebbels -style ‘big-lie’ technique in full flight.
    Maybe it’s time to bring in an American lawyer to pursue the care home owners? That should put an end to this poisonous drip-feed of propaganda…..

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  4. Ambulance chasers – just like Sarwar and Co.

    Let them name names of those who , they believe , committed these ”unlawful” transfers . And have your lawyers on speed-dial !

    Do they believe that the SG had a list drawn up and insisted that medical professionals in hospitals were ordered to comply ?
    Really ? If so why has there been no ‘whistle-blower ‘ on Misreporting Scotland feeding their inexhaustible appetite for SNP Baaaad stories ?

    This constant repetition of proven lies is nauseating and explains why the unionist media is failing to convince the majority of Scots ( see election results ) to turn on their Scottish Government .
    It also explains the need for life-support for these titles as their sales reflect the ‘esteem’ in which they are held by the public.

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