That’s easy: Royaume-Uni Nil Points?

I haven’t read any of the above. It’s the Herald’s Mark Smith! I don’t need to read it. I know it’s merde.

Anyhow, what might the lesson be?

Small countries do better than big ones? Ireland has won it 6 times and 3 times in a row?

6 thoughts on “That’s easy: Royaume-Uni Nil Points?

  1. Perhaps Scotland could also learn how cultural guilt over the Holocaust gives Israelis more legal recognition and rights than Scots? It’s not as if Israel is part of Europe, but it gets to self-identify as European due the the provenance of its colonial identity. Which provides the perfect platform for western neo-Conservative interests in the middle east.

    When is Identity Congruent with the Self?
    A Self-Determination Theory Perspective


  2. The odds are pretty good that an Independent Scotland would do much better than the ”rUK” when voting commences – maybe ‘too wee , too poor and too stupid’ but with many , many more friends !

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  3. Honestly it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the mince these daily rags even bother to print.
    Scotland has learned, that the ‘UK’ is a CON, that the BritNat parties have scammed Scotland out of £trillions for decades and that Scotland is most definitely nowhere near an ‘equal partner’ in the eyes of the entilted rich in power at Westminster. Quite the opposite in fact.
    Yep, Scotland has learned for sure, and is still learning, it’s why there is no going back to the days of Labour/Tory entitlement to Scotland’s massive wealth.

    Also, Scotland has some excellent musicians and singers, I am sure we’d do very well at the ESC as an independent, economically and culturally (etc) rich and diverse country.

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  4. O/T here, but more thoughts on the the Australian deal.

    The effect on farmers has been discussed I’m wondering if anybody else has come across this?

    It’s by Richard North and while I far from agree with his politics, he isn’t a foamer. His blog combines wide-ranging, detailed knowledge of brexity matters (for which he campaigned – but don’t hold that against him) with profound contempt for the way the johnson and WM have handled brexit, Covid, well, everything really.

    It often makes for an interesting read. He seems to think that ‘ordinary’ farming is sort of collateral damage. It’s all about sugar!

    Here’s an extract, if you can’t be bothered following the link and reading the whole thing.

    Clarke avers that [Tate & Lyle, being the chief sugar supplier] can only compete with cleaner, greener homegrown Flag of United Kingdom beet sugar, by getting tariff-free deals to import the cheapest stuff, produced in ways illegal here. And here he makes a powerful point about Australian cane growers, some of whom have dubious standards, with poor land management practices which contribute to environmental degradation.

    The Tory enthusiasm for Aussie product is all the more perverse when, as Clarke points out, Tate and Lyle’s factory in London provides a mere 850 jobs, while the British sugar industry supports something like 9,500 jobs, with the biggest beet sugar factory in Europe based in Liz Truss’s constituency.

    Despite this, Liz Truss continues to support the Australian deal and now, apparently, has the backing of Johnson, who has told the Commons that a tariff-free deal represented a “massive opportunity” for the UK.

    Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader in Westminster was less than convinced, having accused Johnson of being prepared “to throw farmers and crofters under the Brexit bus”, by giving Australia tariff-free access for its lamb and beef products.

    But Blackford – like most of us – may have missed the point. At this end of the chain, the biggest beneficiary is the former employer of David Davis, the Tate and Lyle sugar company. And it is not the livestock sector which is being thrown under the bus, but the sugar beet growers. “

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