Child poverty throughout much of England TWICE that in Scotland

Not being reported properly in the Scottish MSM but from the South Wales Argus@

Of the UK nations, Wales has the highest rate of children living in poverty (31 per cent), followed by England (30 per cent), with Scotland and Northern Ireland equal on 24 per cent.But none of the top 20 most affected areas in the UK are in Wales, the research by the End Child Poverty Coalition found.

Here are the 20 worst constituencies for child poverty according to the research:

1. Bethnal Green and Bow (Greater London), 59.6 per cent

2. Hackney South and Shoreditch (Greater London), 56.3 per cent

3. Birmingham Ladywood, 54.5 per cent

4. Birmingham Hall Green, 54.3 per cent

5. Birmingham Hodge Hill, 52 per cent

6. Vauxhall (Greater London), 51.6 per cent

7. West Ham (Greater London), 51.2 per cent

8. Poplar and Limehouse (Greater London), 50.6 per cent

9. East Ham (Greater London), 50 per cent

10. Walthamstow (Greater London), 49.8 per cent

=11. Birmingham Perry Barr, 48.9 per cent

=11. Barking (Greater London), 48.9 per cent

13. Warley (West Midlands), 47.8 per cent

14. Tottenham (Greater London), 47.6 per cent

15. Bermondsey and Old Southwark (Greater London), 47.4 per cent

16. Bradford West (West Yorkshire), 47.3 per cent

17. Walsall South (West Midlands), 47.1 per cent

18. Manchester Gorton, 46.8 per cent

19. Bradford East (West Yorkshire), 46.7 per cent

20. Holborn and St Pancras (Greater London), 46.4 per cent

Within the constraints of devolution, the SNP administration has made progress on reducing child poverty. See these:

Scottish Tories draw attention to progress on child poverty reduction

Scotland keeps persistent child poverty lower than in England or Wales

Joseph Rowntree Foundation praises SNP initiative on child poverty

6 thoughts on “Child poverty throughout much of England TWICE that in Scotland

  1. It’s reasonable to view neo-liberalism as class war, which both requires and produces social inequalities that cause long-term harm to social and environmental justice. It’s also reasonable to view this state of affairs as an avoidable inter-generational crime against humanity. So we need to do better at protect our children’s well-being, or we could just go all ‘scorched earth’, thereby undermining humanity’s capacity to resist neo-liberalism’s transformation of society and culture.

    Child poverty casts a long shadow over social mobility


  2. Impoverished journalism continually see Scotland being wrongly traduced by a woeful and shabby press.

    And “politicians”.
    Was that not Ian Murray I saw getting his neb in about child poverty?
    His Union Jock suit would have fed a family for a week.
    Never mind, he is always good for a laugh.

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  3. Time after Time I state that the 3 main drivers to economic and societal well being and success have only 3 fundamental building blocks and if not firmly enshrined into your governments
    Defining principles,policies and actions
    Then you are doomed to cataclysmic failures
    The 3 absolutely essential blocks are
    1.Feed the populace
    3.A sound affordable roof over your head
    Matters not if owned or rented
    It takes at least one generation of such
    Before the benefits begin to appear,then the carefully tended policies begin to explode in massive cost savings achieved
    Through better health,productivity and further targeted investmests
    Neo Liberal Capitalism is by its very nature is doomed to cataclysmic failure
    A process that already has left the starting blocks with the huiricane of a wind accelerating turbo charged force in the form of covid 19 and climate change
    If they do not change soon then revolution is the only possible outcome
    Their is NO alternative
    Change or Change shall be forced upon you
    This is as certain as the Sun shall rise come the morn and set at the end of the day


  4. Child poverty in the UK can be laid squarely at the door of the Tories and their Tory pals Labours’ door. It’s absolutely criminal, the elite entitled lining their own pockets while little children go hungry. It’s like a Dickens novel all over again and is definitely going to get worse.

    I see that ‘end child food poverty’ will be debated in the ‘UK’ parliament on the 24th May. Even having to debate that actually being a problem, is a disgrace in a rich ‘country’. It is only happening because a petition to get this at discussion level reached over 100,000 signatures. they will blame the parents, and the children, nothing will come of it. Starmer’s Labour are a disgrace as well. Hell mend ’em.
    ‘Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control the people’, Henry Kissinger.

    Food is a bsic human right, the UN shouold visit the UK, again, but I guess that is less likely now with Covid.


  5. The £10 a week child payment will help eradicate poverty in Scotland. There is relevant poverty and absolute poverty. Absolute poverty rates are lower. There is a list. People who do not have a car or go on holiday every year. Austerity has increased poverty.

    The Tories spending £Billions on Trident, HS2 and Hinkley Point. Totally wasted. They cut Education, NHS and Welfare £13Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. They intent to cut essential services further. Spending more on the military. The Brexit mess and shambles. The UK one of the most unequal places in the world.


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