Scottish Tories draw attention to progress on child poverty reduction

Tory party leadership race | Berwickshire News
Scottish Tories outside their new leader’s home guaranteed to withstand attack by tractor or combine harvester

As you all know, I’m sure, the Scottish Tories are ‘Caring Conservatives‘ unlike their cousins south of the border. So, it was with genuine concern, I’m sure, that Rachael Hamilton, above asked about progress toward meeting targets for poverty reduction and for spending to reduce it.

The answers are:


The progress has been slow and modest, it has to be said, but that has been within the context of a welfare system still largely in UK hands.

While it would not have been appropriate for the minister to make comparisons with Tory-run England, it is for The Tusker:

4 thoughts on “Scottish Tories draw attention to progress on child poverty reduction”

  1. It doesn’t add up. Why would you be a Tory, pretend to care about the poor and the children, yet your very party’s policies ensure that the little children, suffer greatly. Why would do that? It’s bizarre. Taking with both hands, yet allowing children to go hungry, keeping their parents in poverty, it’s quite evil actually.

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    1. Think you answered your own question there with the word “pretend”.

      I’ve mentioned before that my mother’s family were what she called “pig in a blue ribbon” Tories. Their view was that it was the DUTY of those who had more to support those who didn’t. It was part of their job to keep people fed, healthy and happy. (This was 19-teens to 20s) She was brought up to look for ways to help any who didn’t have enough in ways that ensured they kept their dignity.

      She was horrified by Thatcher. She never voted for the party again until the day she died. Said “I don’t know what this lot are, but they’re not Tory”. They’re pretending to be that too.

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      1. Yes, I knew some of those Tories, too. I had a colleague who worked for many years in schools in Drumchapel in Glasgow. He was opposed to Thatcherite policies. It was a concept of ‘noblesse oblige’. However, humane though it is as concept, the idea of a ‘nobility’ sticks in the craw.

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      2. Thank you, yes indeed, not all Tories are conservative with a big ‘C’. Thatcher was something else, pure evil. My dad lost his factory job which had kept us all in basic food and housing, the effects on the family financially were horeendous, but the effect on my fathers sense of worth and dignity were far worse. The Thatcher era ruined many lives and communities.

        I watched a short film over at the National Library of Scotland ‘moving image archive’ online some time back, it was about Scotland in the union and I can’t remember which one, (I will try to find it, though they are all in copyright they all have ref numbers) but a very nice older Conservative MP, it would have been in the 1950’s I think, was interviewed and he was all in favour of Scotland having the right to vote for devolution/home rule.

        ‘Man (woman) is born basically good’ said a philospher.
        Not sure who, but it’s generally true!


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