The Grudge: BBC Scotland on lower poverty rate here

When the Joseph Rowntree Foundation says something, it’s as true as it gets. You don’t need inverted commas as if thye were one of your typically unreliable ‘sources’. BBC Scotland ‘Good news but with a grudge.’

‘Scotland has bucked this trend with more social housing available at more affordable rents.’ ‘With?’ Why?

On new affordable housing, Boris, it’s Tories nil SNP thousands:

Scotland pushes further ahead of UK on affordable housing

Is there less family debt in Scotland due to Scottish Government action?

Reporting on child poverty in Scotland with one source and NO context again

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3 thoughts on “The Grudge: BBC Scotland on lower poverty rate here

  1. Pinned on the tail end of the donkey on GMS this morning with minimal coverage , but hey it’s a good news story , so according to the propaganda machine that’s where it should be .On the other hand ……. …..guess what the full blown story at the top of the list is , no conferring now .

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  2. Alas, I can no longer thole the mince GMS dishes out in the morning—I prefer a good walk in the frost, rather than their pretendy greetin’ and whinin’ news stories.
    However, they will have one “good news” story–the Elevation of Ruthie Bahookie to be a Baroness–this is someone who has given limited service to her party, and none at all for Scotland, and who wanted to give up politics to make money.
    Good News you ask? Well, she will be joining such “outstanding stalwarts as Baroness Goldie and Lady Mone, so I would guess Joe Public will see this contemptable move for what it actually is (and not what you read in the Herod).

    It is not the promotion of a deserving person, it is a squalid party pro-mo to another dumpling who could not expect a win at the ballot box ever again. She will also join non-entities Lords Dunlop and Duncan–again party advantage springs to mind rather than public good—plus any rich person who funds Johnson personally or the Tory party in general–from Robber Baron to real Baron!

    No way to run a democracy.

    Waiting to greet her, will be a whole bunch of aging “Scottish” non-Tory stooges who will show her the important stuff–how the expenses system works–the fluffery and rigmarole of “being” a superior personage–and while they will intimate that reform of the Upper House is required–but not just yet, not for a GOOD, LONG while yet, echoing St Augustines “Make me chaste, oh Lord, but not just yet”!

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  3. On GMS there was an interview with Mr Murdo Fraser MSP, the Conservative spokesperson on Finance. Before the questions on the budget, he was questioned about a tweet he had sent out expressing sympathy for former Finance Secretary, Mr Mackay’s family and making some humane remark about Mr Mackay. Despite my deploring of Mr Mackay’s actions and my agreement that he should have resigned and should consider his position as an MSP, I felt that Mr Fraser had made an attempt to inject a bit of human decency into what is a sad situation. However, he was attacked fiercely by the interviewer. It is unusual for a Tory to be questioned strongly on GMS. It was along the usual dichotomous lines that our appalling media always adopt – right or wrong/black or white/for or against. No nuanced positions are permitted. “Why had he not expressed sympathy for the boy and his family?”

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