‘Socialist’ seeks to expose civil servants and deflect responsibility for care home deaths from private owners

Neil Findlay MSP - Home | Facebook

In the Scottish Parliament last Wednesday, Neil Findlay MSP asked:

Neil Findlay (Lothian) (Scottish Labour): To ask the Scottish Government
who was the author of the policy to advise care homes that residents who
were showing symptoms of COVID-19 should not normally be admitted to


Neil Findlay (Lothian) (Scottish Labour): To ask the Scottish Government
who was the author of the policy guidance regarding patients being sent to
care homes without being tested for COVID-19.

This seems more worthy of sly Tories like Hancock, shifting blame onto civil servants.

We know definitively that the deaths in care homes were caused by the movement of agency staff, that private care homes moved them without proper checks and that the mortality rate in English care homes was higher than in Scotland, yet a so-called socialist is, here, pursuing the same strategy as the GMB and the private care home owners to somehow attribute blame to the Scottish Government by exposing its senior officials.

This stinks.

14 thoughts on “‘Socialist’ seeks to expose civil servants and deflect responsibility for care home deaths from private owners

    1. Hi Sam
      An interesting link – I’m encountering all sorts of websites etc I never knew existed!

      Could I ask a favour, though?

      If it’s got nothing to do with the article, could you mark it O/T?

      Then I can go back and look at my leisure without interrupting other people’s comments.


      1. I do try to say O/T when it needs it. This is not really too far off topic. It is more Labour deflection. The financial crash in the UK was caused by “light touch” regulation of the financial sector by Tories and Labour. Darling is deflecting blame from himself as Findlay is deflecting blame from care home owners.


  1. You have to wonder if these waste of space numpties have read any of the published SG and NHS Scotland Covid and pandemic guidelines issued to Care homes. Pre March 2020, May 2020 and August 2020 which clearly demonstrates an on going clinically led assessment and reassessment of process.

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  2. Looks like an attempt to shift the blame, again, and distract from the disgraceful neglect by not acting in the best interests of residents rather than making a profit. Of course without decent work conditions for staff, like sick pay, the consequences were disastrous. These care home owners need to be held accountable, hopefully there can be an inquiry at some point.

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    1. Do he and/or his have an interest in any of these facilities?

      (Apart, of course, from his purely altruistic interest in getting this sorted…) *removes tongue from cheek*


  3. If older people being discharged from hospital did not go home or to a care home where else were they to go? This seems to be a question that no one wants to ask or answer.

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  4. That’s the roughest I’ve seen Neil, two questions

    1. Is he looking after himself.

    2. Where’s his bookcase . How can you be a professional
    Socialist without books?


    1. Not a professional Socialist for much longer.

      “As he put it: “Today I resigned from my positions in the Scottish Labour Party – I will stand down from parliament at the election – there is a big world outside the Holyrood bubble, life is too short to be involved in endless internal battles with people who are supposed to be on the same side.””

      Endless internal battles in the Labour party? Who’da thunk it.


      1. To be fair to Mr Findlay, he was one of the Labour members who was arguing that to deny the right to a second referendum on independence was undemocratic. Ms Monica Lennon was also amongst that group. Clearly, the internal enforcers of the Labour Party have been going in heavy. Ms Lennon has clearly toed the line. However, I suspect there might be others who follow Mr Findlay to other pastures.


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