The Scottish Child Payment will see £10 per week paid to lower-income families in receipt of qualifying benefits1 for every child aged under 16 years old.

While the JRF offers advice on further improvements to the Scottish Child Payment, it was particularly supportive of the initiative saying, today:

  1. Following a great deal of work in advance of the Scottish Government’s announcement, including campaigning by a significant coalition of poverty-focused organisations in Scotland, we were pleased that the analysis and ideas in our first report had in many ways been reflected in the Scottish Government’s announcement. We believe the Scottish Child Payment could make a significant contribution to tackling child poverty in Scotland.
  2. Urgency and impact: Without question the Scottish Government has shown greater urgency in their proposals for the Scottish Child Payment, announcing initially that it would bring forward the initial payment to under-sixes to 2021 (over a year earlier than expected) and most recently, through the Scottish Government’s September 2019 Programme for Government, bringing forward the initial payment to before Christmas 2020.
  3. Ambition: The Scottish Government has made the decision to invest a large sum into the new Scottish Child Payment. Without question, its expected budget of £180 million is a significant level of funding, particularly at a time when public funding is under strain.

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