Reporting Scotland down dodgily ‘while’ pretending to be journalists

On Reporting Scotland Down this morning early, we heard that staying too long is hospital is not good for you. It seems you’d be better discharged when you’re ready to go home. Who’d have thought? However, this was largely an opportunity for this:

’86 people in Lothian hospitals died while they were waiting to be discharged.’

Remember the patients dying of various causes but after catching a pigeon-related infection and after the nurses had watched BBC News? It’s classic low-journalism statement designed to shock and yet utterly devoid of information value. Here’s some from Reporting Scotland Up (Talking-up Scotland II):

Nothing much has changed this month:

‘At the August 2019 census point, there were 1,469 people delayed. This is similar [not statistically significant change] to the number of people delayed (1,458) at the census point in August 2018.’

Things are getting slightly better:

‘Over the past eight years, the percentage of time spent at home or in a community setting has increased slightly from 85.3% in 2010/11 to 87.9% in 2017/18; this equates to an average of an extra five days within the last six months of life being spent in the community in 2017/18 compared to 2010/11.’

Put in context it’s a stunning achievement:

Reporting Scotland Down did cover this on August 7th 2019:

‘The number of geriatric patients admitted to hospital has risen by 10% over the last three years according to a report by the University of Aberdeen. The figures suggest the number of admissions for older people topped (sic) 43 000 between 2017 and 2018 (one year?). The report said the length of stay varied across the country but dropped by an average of one day over the same period.’

It’s all there but the main point is somehow not clear.

Here it is:

Despite soaring demand for geriatric care, Scotland’s health and social care system has managed to reduce the time these patients must stay in hospital wards as they await a care package in their own home or community.

I’m breaking our editorial guidelines here in relying on one source but, surely, we can trust the state broadcaster to report the facts as they are?


Forth Valley Royal Hospital’s Ageing and Health Integrated Care Ward Commended

Good news as 40% more elderly/dementia patients treated at home in Scotland


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