Age Scotland

Age Scotland has issued a call for a: ‘redoubling of efforts to protect care home residents as the latest figures reveal that 537 have died as a result of COVID-19.’

The text is missing something obvious. It doesn’t indicate who or what should be redoubling their efforts.

So far only the Herald and Courier seem to have picked up on the story. The Herald has no hesitation in deciding who should be implicated – the First Minister and her government.

Age Scotland make no mention of her but the Herald mentions her twice in what purports to be a report on their statement, repeating the suggestion that the Scottish Government was slow to react but forgetting to mention the First Minister’s correction that guidance on social distancing had been issued weeks before and that care providers had a duty to comply with that.

The Scottish Government, again not mentioned by Age Scotland, gets two mentions in connection with the death statistics. No direct accusation is made but the two are associated.

Care providers appear twice to state that they have had ‘some’ or a ‘number’ of deaths and to assert that they had strict protocols in place in all their homes. There is no suggestion that care providers could be responsible in any way for the deaths.

The care home owners know what they have done to cut costs and to maximise profits. They will be doing their best to make sure that this does not become the focus of attention, Calling-in favours, from those Conservative politicians they have donated to or to whom they may even be related, and from the latter’s connections in the MSM, there will be an attempt to divert attention onto supposed neglect by NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government. Watch this space.