Like a dog with a very small bone: Scotland’s media and care home deaths, again

For a year now, this story has been pushed into eyes and ears. It’s headlining today on all BBC Scotland platforms. At every turn, evidence has emerged that the discharges into care homes did not cause outbreaks and that they were the result of a combination of the over-use of agency staff, over-capacity, under-staffing and failed infection control in the homes.

The science is ignored and now we hear the discharges have triggered ‘legal concerns.’ Note the wording.

Read carefully:

The Mental Welfare Commission studied a sample of discharges when someone did not have the capacity to decide for themselves. They found some cases where there was no legal authority for the move. The commission studied the detail of 457 moves between March to May 2020 – about 10% of the number reported at the time by Public Health Scotland. It found 20 of those to have been unlawful and that a number were related to the pandemic.

20 out of 457, 4.3% and that was only a 10% sample, chosen because they thought it might be a case of illegality? 0.43%?

The outcome of the investigation?

The report made eight recommendations for HSCPs [Health and Social Care Partnership], including making sure staff understand the law through training.

So, if any of the cases had indicated illegal activity, the lawyers would be all over it but they’re not.

Evidence for what actually caused the outbreaks:

Agency staff:

Over-capacity and under-staffing:

the above and:

Failed infection:

Good infection control in only 1 in 21 Scottish care homes: Where the blame really lies


4 thoughts on “Like a dog with a very small bone: Scotland’s media and care home deaths, again

  1. ABC (BBC) and the Mental welfare commissionl
    As they have chosen to focus in on the word ILLEGAL and imply that SHNS acted so and in turn the SG also are criminals
    So sticking to legal terms
    The Mental welfare commission are the accusers and as such the burden of proof lies firmly at their feet
    And ABC ( BBC ) by implication Surely consulted their legal teams and if any such team was a fully qualified lawyer
    Then immediately he/ she must halt all proceedings immediately and Report all
    Matters that he/ she considers illegal to the respective Authorities
    And as such the advice imparted to ABC(BBC) should be not to broadcast as such matters may be sub judicious


  2. Great distraction from Brexit catastrophe, the English governments’ deadly mishandling of Covid19 and the Indian variant being welcomed into the UK,
    and the fact that the BritNats lost the election in Scotland.

    I see looking at that BBC page, they have CCTV of the guy who torched the cars of the Celtic COE, a masked criminal. Hope thepolice can trace them, must be CCTV able to see cars and regs they used. A BritNat paid agent, they won’t stop there either.


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