Good infection control in only 1 in 21 Scottish care homes: Where the blame really lies

Regulars here will know that countering MSM and opposition party lies about care home deaths is a daily task in TuS so here is more evidence that the blame for outbreaks and death lies with the owners and not the Scottish Government.

Care home inspections recommenced in February 2021. From then until this month, there have been 21 full inspections.

None were rated ‘Very good‘ and only one was rated ‘Good‘ on ‘Infection control practices support a safe environment for people experiencing care and staff.’

15 were rated ‘Adequate‘, 4 ‘Weak‘ and 1 ‘Unsatisfactory.’

Apparently adequate infection control reports might still include comments suggesting not all staff were trained in infection control or that infected waste might be carried through the home for lack of exits.

Is that really acceptable?

So 9 months to a year after the first outbreaks in the Spring of 2020 and this is the state of infection control? Imagine these rating were applied in the inspection of NHS Scotland facilities. BBC Scotland and the opposition leaders would be talking of crisis and calling for heads.

These are, of course, mostly privately owned, for-profit organisations.

6 thoughts on “Good infection control in only 1 in 21 Scottish care homes: Where the blame really lies

  1. Scotland should conduct its enquiry ASAP
    Bojo has called and timed his enquiry
    To outflank Dominic Cummings parliamentry committe appearance and take the sting out of his input
    And state that the full public enquiry will reveal all
    But for definite it will not report/publish
    Till election over
    Tiss the English way of burying the truth

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  2. GMS had a campaign group spokesperson on just after 7am who explicitly blamed the SG. About an hour later another campaign group was positive with regard to the SG.

    I get the impression GMS would like to continue the usual level of carping, but, with the election result, the continuing sleaze at Westminster, the imminence of moves out of lockdown hey are having to be careful.

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  3. Bad enough to have such assessments in spring 2020 but to have such results now, after all that’s happened and the learning that should have occurred- it’s hard to believe. A full in depth enquiry is needed, reporting within one year not many years.

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  4. Dr. John Campbell reports on the new Indian strain today, it’s not good news at all. He again despairs at the Govs’ delay (without naming names etc!) in declaring India as in the red zone re flights.
    The EngGov have likely enabled another very serious, very transmissable variant to go rampant in the UK! North Eng. and of course Glasgow cited as having spikes poss due to this variant.

    I won’t stop wearing my mask even outdoors until this is over.

    Do the EngGov want this to go on and on? Is it more money they want for themselves? The NHS to crumble? That underhand plot would not be surprising in the least. What the heck.

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  5. That is pretty poor performance, though it may be due to site specific factors, or a lack of understanding the guidance, for example, more than the management’s philosophical outlook. Though as the Prof. keeps highlighting, the under-staffing and a reliance on agency staff is most probably a significant factor, and is a result of the on-going neo-liberal re-imagination of society and culture.

    Lives on the line? Ethics and practicalities of duty of care in pandemics and disasters


  6. Aye, and GMS are back at the care-home propaganda with the latest wheeze, a litigator.
    I listened to only the first few minutes for the false premise then stopped, but what struck me was why deploy an ambulance chaser at all when there was no legal peril I’m aware of to SG ?
    I’m guessing that having failed to get any traction with public opinion in the Kilgour, Pennington, etc. approach, a lawyer might be afforded greater credence.

    Given that a UK wide Covid Inquiry is an election away, I do hope SG go it alone and get an earlier report, this muckraking nonsense looks set to run and run.

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