From SNP Media:

The SNP has said the food bank figures released today by the Trussell Trust should serve as a wake up call to the UK government, as they lay bare how Tory cuts and policies have pushed families and disabled people into poverty and destitution.

The Trussell Trust’s report, ‘State of Hunger’, revealed that 95% of food bank users were destitute and 62% of working-age people referred to food banks in early 2020 were disabled – more than three times the rate in the working age population.

Just last month, it was revealed that there had been a 63% rise in food bank parcels handed out in Scotland over the last five years, with one emergency food parcel handed out to a child every seven minutes. In the same month, the UK government was taken to court over whether it acted unlawfully by not giving the two million people on legacy benefits the same £20-per-week increase as those on Universal Credit at the start of lockdown.

Commenting, the SNP’s Work and Pensions spokesperson, David Linden MP, said:

“These figures are heartbreaking – and should serve as a wake up call to Therese Coffey and the rest of the Tory government. UK welfare protections must urgently be strengthened and invested in if we are to stop the growing tidal wave of poverty and destitution across Scotland and the UK.

“The SNP Scottish Government is already doing all it can to tackle poverty and mitigate the impact of over a decade of Tory austerity and welfare cuts – through mitigating the bedroom tax, investing in affordable housing and bringing in the Scottish Child Payment, with plans to double it. But it can only go so far with its limited powers.

“SNP MPs at Westminster have been urging the UK government to take meaningful action for months to tackle growing hunger, poverty and destitution, including scrapping the five-week wait for the first Universal Credit payment, making the Universal Credit uplift permanent and extending it to legacy benefits, and matching the Scottish Child Payment. 

“This is action that can be taken immediately that would make a real difference for thousands of families, and we are not alone in calling for this. The Work and Pensions Committee, along with organisations across Scotland and the UK, have recommended these steps.

“Beyond this the UK government must also increase the National Minimum Wage and Statutory Sick Pay in line with the Real Living Wage, and make Statutory Sick Pay available to all – to put money in people’s pockets.

“Whilst employment powers and the vast majority of welfare spending remains reserved to Westminster, Scotland will always be tackling poverty with one hand tied behind its back. We cannot continue to wait for Westminster to act. They dithered and delayed on extending free school meals and supporting low-income families through this pandemic, and its Work and Pensions Secretary refuses to acknowledge the financial hit disabled people have taken as a result of the pandemic. Scotland’s future must be in Scotland’s hands – so we can build a better and fairer society.”


Scale of destitution among foodbank users laid bare in heartbreaking study

In 2015/16, Trussell Trust Scotland distributed 135,943 emergency food parcels.

Trussell Trust delivers one food bank parcel every seven minutes to Scots children

People on legacy benefits take discrimination case to High Court

Contact: SNP Media


  1. Until Indy is won
    For these matters and many more key areas we shall never ever be able to resolve such problems
    Until then every stroke we make is in The shark infested water of inequity and against the tide and currents

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  2. Put simply, Thatcher declared class war without actually declaring it as such. The Conservative party has simply been re-arranging society since then, in a manner that does not support the union of mind and body for a growing section of society. Primarily the poor and the vulnerable. Which though of a much lesser magnitude and depravity than the Holocaust, is grounded in pretty much the same political philosophy.

    The Lockean Constitution: Separation of Powers and the Limits of Prerogative

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  3. Thanks to a twitter alert I’ve just watched Douglas Ross ‘have a go’ at Pete Wishart (the chair) during Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Select Committee meeting earlier today. Ross making a fool of himself – well worth a watch!

    All captured on Parliament TV (c. 12 minutes in):

    FMQs will be the new smash hit TV experience if Ross continues with the approach he adopted today!

    (Later there is another ‘nice’ moment when Mhairi Black asks the Secretary of State for Scotland to explain the benefits to Scotland of devolution. ‘Splutter’, eventually, came the response!)

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  4. Talking about supporting the unity of mind and body, the law performs a vital role in ensuring such. Which is why it is more than a tad dangerous to disable the law’s capacity to reflect biological reality. As that would disable the capacity to monitor policy and the health of your democracy. It also breaks the law’s capacity to be impartial, so prohibits the potential for justice.

    The Unity of the Human Person: A Central Concept
    in the Interface Between Medicine and Theology


  5. Why are people in Scotland voting Tory unionist. The usual monologue from the Tories. Heard 100 times before.

    Great the people got out of the van. Patel is obnoxious. The Tory nasty party.


    1. Gordon
      Today,s events serves notice upon Westminister that there are lines they DARE not cross with us
      Very little reporting on main Brit Nat news but plenty on Foreign
      That only brings more friends onto our side


  6. I’ve only just noticed the notice behind Mundell in the photo :

    FOODBANK : ”Every town should have one ”

    In one of the richest societies in the world , in the 21 st C , we are advocating this medieval idea !
    And the Tories have promised through ”Levelling Up !” that we will , no doubt , get many more .
    Who said Boris Johnson didn’t care about the ‘verminous Scots ‘ ?

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    1. That was back in 2015, it’s worse now.
      It’s utterly criminal. The UN basically condemned the EngGov for their relentless and cruel treatment of the poorest via the EngGov’s draconian ‘welfare’ system. The ones responsible should be locked up and they really bloody should not be in positions of power, it’s truly sicjkening.


      1. Even more sickening is that sanctions don’t save money. Sure, they’ll save a few quid here and there on the actual welfare payments, but the volume of appeals (a high percentage of which are successful) and attendant admin costs have soared.

        If full employment was on the agenda, you could just about see their point, but it isn’t. The selfsame Tories want to avoid full employment, which empowers workers, to keep wages low. So we have people chasing jobs, that don’t exist, whilst armies of civil servants or outsourced operatives are employed with the sole purpose of victimising the poor.


    2. FOODBANK : ”Every town should have one ”

      Surely that should read

      Mind you, at least one Was-Labour-Voted-Tory in Hartlepool pointed out that Labour was useless because Hartlepool only had one Foodbank before, under the Tories they’ve got NINE.

      Perhaps some work needs doing?



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