April 2021: 10 000 emergency cases seen on target only because they live in Scotland

As winter bites NHS Scotland A&E is still massive 13%* better even though  NHS England fiddles the figures! – Talking-up Scotland 2021

In NHS Scotland, in April 2021, 87.15% of patients were treated within 4 hours from arrival in A&E.


In NHS England, in April 2021, 77.1% of patients were treated within 4 hours.

The results are carefully presented as ‘from arrival to admission, transfer or discharge’ for admissions but just as ‘percentage of attendance within 4 hours.’ This allows the latter to conceal the fact that they restart the clock after patients have been admitted to a department for treatment even though they may have waited for some time in A&E before that – sneaky.


So, 10% better means roughly 10% of the roughly 100 000 patients seen in NHS Scotland in April 2021 were seen in 4 hours when roughly speaking they would not have in NHS England.

The gap is probably even greater because.

  1. BBC Scotland has accused NHS England of fiddling the figures by selection which departments are included: https://fullfact.org/health/fiddled-accident-emergency-statistics/
  2. NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E: https://inews.co.uk/news/health/nhs-england-covering-up-true-scale-of-12-hour-hospital-waits-1335856

9 thoughts on “April 2021: 10 000 emergency cases seen on target only because they live in Scotland

  1. As one of those who attended A&E in April and was treated and discharged in under 3 hours, I am a satisfied ‘customer’! Do you think BBC Scotland will ask me to do a ‘vox pop’?

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    1. Alasdair
      I have it on good authority that ABC (BBC)
      Have been making strenuous and frantic efforts to contact you to film and speak to you for the mid day and evenings news along with the possibility of a scoop documentary on how SNHS completely out performs the EHNS
      Please contact them as a matter of urgemcy

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  2. BBC Radio (based in ) Scotland . 12.30 news bulletin. With Allison Johnston to become the Presiding Officer the Government will have 64 MSP’s and the opposition 64 MSP’s . EH?

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  3. And Boris and his colonial press want us to believe they will by-pass the huge back-log of English patients, to treat Scots in their hospitals.
    And take our weans from the breasts of their mithers, and send them to Eton.
    Gawd save us from the lying huckster Brit Nats.

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  4. As I’ve pointed out, I’ve been out the game for quite some time. But I do know a bit about the cross-cultural comparative analysis of public services. Though I’m struggling to put my finger on a killer concept or simple explanatory mechanism. So here’s a bit of constitutional theory for the time being. 😉

    Justifying a Search for a Unifying Theory of Unconstitutional


  5. Perhaps this will help readers of Wings, appreciate why I was banging on about epistemology so much.

    A Critical Review of Epistemological and Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Research

    “Cross-cultural management research suffers from many shortcomings. While some of these shortcomings are related to methodology, others can be identified as epistemological problems. By recognizing that epistemological positions determine methodological approaches, this paper attempts to discuss both epistemological and methodological issues in cross-cultural research. Based on extant literature, major drawbacks are discussed and some suggestions for future research are presented.”


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