Is this Celtic director excusing the rioters to get at SNP?

The sinking-man’s Brian Wilson, Blairite minister, visiting (no qualifications) professor of FA at Strathclyde University and director at Celtic FC, Brian Wilson CBE of the Herald/Scotsman union, leads the charge to blame the SNP for the riots at the weekend.

Brian Wilson (Labour politician) Wings Over Scotland Softening up

In this, Wilson joins those earlier unholy alliances – Aberdeen’s Labour/Tory Council, and the GMB/Care home owners

His piece in the Herald today? Mince, rancid mince.

Here’s why they controlled the reopening of hospitality in Glasgow:

The announcement to keep hospitality closed was made on the 14th, after it became clear the outbreak was more than a blip – data not dates?

We are applying similar reasoning to the situation in Glasgow City, which is causing even more concern at this stage as the latest available data shows that both cases and test positivity have increased. Both of these measures suggest an increasing level of infection in the City of Glasgow, and accordingly and very reluctantly, we have decided to err on the side of caution and also keep Glasgow City in Level 3 for a further week. An additional and very significant factor in Glasgow is evidence suggesting that the outbreak – which is heavily centred at the moment in the Southside of the city – is being driven by the so-called Indian variant.

Here’s why they didn’t let 15 000 celebrate inside a stadium:

At a time when people have missed funerals, not seen loved ones in care homes and postponed weddings, it is not right that we make an exception to the rules for football fans. We also received advice that there was an increased likelihood that large numbers of supporters would gather outside the stadium if they knew some were permitted inside. Despite our clear public messages and continued work with the club calling on fans not to gather illegally in large numbers, the selfish and irresponsible behaviour seen on Saturday endangered the lives of others – supporters, the police on duty and the wider community

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11 thoughts on “Is this Celtic director excusing the rioters to get at SNP?

    1. You are absolutely right, but the problem with Wilson is that he always has a platform. His hatred of the very thought of independence (and thus the SNP) knows no bounds and interferes with the processes of what in other regards (credit where it’s due) is a good mind. Thinking here of his work on the West Highland Free Press and his work with the Harris Tweed industry.
      Wilson is utterly incapable of seeing even the smallest good thing with independence or anything to do with independence – that is his fundamental weakness. We should not stoop to this.
      That said, John is right on both counts. Supporting the criticism of the hospitality industry is a waste of time. I can understand their frustration, but as above, their failure to appreciate the “other” view – that reducing social interaction is key to fighting the virus – and that this cannot be forecast easily, or at least not with the “three weeks notice” that I have heard them whine on about.
      As for the disgraceful events at maison Lawwell, putting this at the door of the SNP is clearly nonsense. If you want to look for causes you could do worse than start with the Ulsterisation of Scottish politics in recent years which is at the root of a great deal of trouble in recent days (and even weeks).


  1. Letting Ra Peepul into Ibrox at the weekend MIGHT have prevented the trouble, but, with that lot – you can never be certain.

    Nearly 50 years ago, the late Ian Archer described Rangers as: “A permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace.” Nothing in the intervening years has caused Ian’s opinion to be questioned.

    The same description might well apply to Wilson. I first met him, 40-years ago, in the press box at Celtic Park. I knew then, I was in the presence of a genuine, 24-carat, diamond-encrusted ersehole. Nothing in the intervening years has caused me to question that first6 impression.

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  2. Brian Wilson will defend the rioters because they are British Nationalists like him.

    “Scotland Shite because EssEnnPeeBaaad” he cries.

    The BritNat Labour in Scotland Bain Principle is strong in him.


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