Care home deaths, the data


The above graph revealing starkly the cost in lives of the failure in England to fully implement the JCVI guidance and vaccinate care home residents before all other groups was compiled by Na Sirf Musiqi from official sources.

It’s a story never told on MSM. It’s a far greater sin than wasting money on wallpaper.

This shows the impact of the vaccinations as the began to confer immunity on many in Scottish care homes from the middle of January 2021:


Another story never told.

3 thoughts on “Care home deaths, the data

  1. The wall-paper is a vanity used to distract attention from the real world, and the fact that the PM isn’t fit for public office. I think I’ve already posted an explanation of why covid-19 should be considered an effect and example of neo-liberalism’s impact on the environment, society, and human organisation. So here’s what I came up with, with respect to neo-liberalism, care ethics, vulnerability theory, corporate social responsibility, and constitutional rights. As I’d much appreciate it if the Scottish government were to be a bit more forceful in protecting my human rights, from authoritarian English nationalism self-identifying as liberal constitutionalism.

    Constitutional Order in Oligarchic Democracies: Neoliberal Rights versus Socio-Economic Rights


  2. I’ve said elsewhere, I acknowledge certain aspect of neo-liberal theory and practice have benefited modern government, but I still hold that the ideology is, in balance, harmful to economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. As well as public health. Neo-liberalism is the zombie ideology that refuses to accept it is dead, as far as advancing open democracy and global sustainability is concerned anyway. So given corporate social responsibility has never been more important, you’d expect certain elements of the corporate media to try and protect the interests of corporate power and economic ‘thriftiness’ in social care.

    The Governance of Covid-19: Anthropogenic Risk, Evolutionary Learning, and the Future of the Social State


  3. Ooft, John, that is one remarkable illustration of the results of different paths, with England being the glaring outlier, not one Marr is unlikely to confront Johnson or Hancock with alongside accusations of failure…

    I suspect knowledge of this via Tory analysts at the time is why the Tories and BBC went overboard in pushing “vaccine olympics” in the media, including the (if my memory is correct) utterly absurd table of over 16 year olds vaccinated.

    The Westminster parties and most notably the Tories remain obsessed by controlling the news thereby controlling public discussion, their success in achieving it other than in Scotland explains much of England’s sleepwalking.

    The spanner in their works was the SG Covid Updates, all they could do was steer the media to demand answers to crucial issues such as the “secret hairdresser”, but in the process deepened scepticism among Scots the media were nothing more than a propaganda tool.

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