Are the Scotsman polls just based on over-65s in Borders, Moray and Edinburgh South?

There’s something odd happening with the Savanta ComRes polls for the Scotsman/SoS. Since the beginning of April, consistently coming below all the others and now reporting on the same date as YouGov get 52% for the SNP in the constituency vote and Survation get 49%, they get an astonishing 42%.

25% for Douglas Ross? Now I know they’re fiddling something.

Given that they all ask the same question, it must be the sampling. Surely they wouldn’t construct their sample to deliberately get a low SNP score?

13 thoughts on “Are the Scotsman polls just based on over-65s in Borders, Moray and Edinburgh South?

  1. 54% of their raw sample claimed to have voted Yes in 2014 which resulted in quite a large down-weight. Have they included those new on the register for the first time? Soon we will find out the real results.

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  3. I think I read that a Savanta ComRes high heid yin also offered his opinions, duly reported in the Scotsman, on the result of his company’s previous poll. Which is unusual to say the least.

    If I’ve got that wrong I apologize to all concerned in advance.

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    1. No, you got that right.

      His name is Chris Hopkins, and he said this:

      “it seems that the two major unionist parties, the Conservatives and Labour, have somewhat – but by no means completely – got their act together, and are at least doing a better job now at retaining their core vote, rather than leaking it to Yes and the SNP.

      “This, coupled with a potentially more fragmented pro-independence List vote, more so from the Greens than from the ever-unpopular Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, means the SNP may fall short of their majority and not give Nicola Sturgeon the unequivocal mandate for a second independence vote that she so clearly craves.”

      And we should trust polling from a polling company run by such an obvious SNP hater 🙄🙄🙄

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      1. GordonB
        All this is a coordinated effort by the No side to establish the narrative and set the agenda of
        No to a wildcat referendum
        And all that implies
        Know the Foes


  4. As the resident conspiracy theorist here, I would put nowt past the BritNats to somehow tamper with votes. As the saying goes,’ it’s not who votes it’s who counts the votes that matters’.

    Does anyone know when votes are to be counted, I read they will not be counted overnight as would usually be the case. in which case, will there be some sort of security? Also will there be exit polls this time?

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    1. No exit poll according to what I saw on twitter. Constituencies will be counted first on Friday and Saturday, the list votes start Saturday. There will be less counters than normal due to COVID hence the longer time line.


  5. If only Scottish politics wasn’t defined by British nationalism and the learned helplessness we call the “cring”. We might not have an inescapably misogynistic Green party then, which simply highlights the ideological capture and patriarchal conditioning/nature of Scottish culture.

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  6. I might be stretching things a bit again, as this might actually be considered OT, but I worry for the future of Scots, who’s experience of democracy is already severely impaired by neo-liberalism and nationalistic ideology. Which will only intensify as a result of Brexit and the forced accommodation of gender woo-woo by Scots law.

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