Latest poll suggests 35 seat majority for pro-Independence parties

YouGov’s poll on 4th May predicts 70 SNP and 12 Green seats, giving a majority of 35, 82/47 and an overwhelming mandate for UDI – I wish.

Look a that map. All of mainland Scotland other than my birth county goes SNP and my current home, Ayr, kicks out the Tory.

If correct, this validates an SNP 1 / Green 2 vote.

This can happen.

10 thoughts on “Latest poll suggests 35 seat majority for pro-Independence parties

  1. If you believe Yougov are honest
    I DONT

    I think this is a ploy to get voters to vote green instead of ALBA
    There are a great number of voters who will vote ALBA
    Yougov is controlled by westminster just like all the newspapers and the BBC

    Remember, the green party are fighting SNP for constituency seats
    ALBA are only contesting regional seats
    ALBA are telling voters to vote SNP constituency the greens are not

    If that doesnt focus your thoughts on what is best for a Scottish independence majority nothing will

    Dont be swayed by organisations headquartered in the heart of england

    Go with your gut instinct for what is best for Scotland
    You know what and who ALBA are and who SNP are
    Not so much the greens

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    1. Yes best beware the BritNats are desperate to say the least, they will do anything to stop an SNp or any pro indy majority. They are playing people, trying to influence how people vote, a false sense of security, oh well, I’ll vote Greens then…
      SNP 1&2.


  2. My gut says:

    Green is over stated like last time but probably will poll slightly better than last time so probably 8 as opposed to 12

    I also think Alba is slightly understated and will probably return between 4 – 8.

    Tories most likely overstated too as protest vote for Brexit bites in the Fishing and Farming communities.

    FibDems returning 4 also seems optimistic I reckon 2 max for Wee Willie 1p.

    Happy to have the pish ripped right oot on Saturday if I’m wrong!


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  3. Greens vote in Edinburgh central last time, on the list, (people said they were using their ‘second vote’ to vote for the Greens!) allowed for untRuth to keep troughing and shafting Scotland.


  4. Too easy to easy to see conspiracies under the bed, or behind the settee. If you want to attack the professionalism or practice of Yougov then fine – professional differences are always possible. However, if they develop a reputation for coming up with the sort of stats that the client wants then they would soon become suspicious. The most accurate, and indeed the first to identify what was going to happen, polling in 2015 was done by Lord Ashcroft.
    As for the outcome, the difficulty with polls is that they assume a uniform swing and the electorate dont always oblige. I wouldnt be too sure that Alba will deliver no MSPs at all. I suspect if they do well they might get one or two, probably in the North East, and I think one Alexander Eliot Salmond is number one on their list there. That will make FMQs interesting.
    Leaving polls to one side, it has become increasingly clear that there are only two interesting questions (other than whether Salmond gets elected). One is who is going to be second. Sarwar has had a decent campaign (though I think he will be found out as the Parliament wears on), as will Ross who will find being a List MSP (for Highlands and Islands) AND an MP a heavy burden (particularly without Davidson to front up at FMQs – who they going to get?)
    Secondly will the SNP win a majority? This is very tight and I would take a lot of the media talk with a large pinch of salt. It is in their interests to say it looks as if the SNP will win a majority then if they do, they can say “told you so”, but if they dont then they can say “the SNP have failed”, “crisis in indy movement”. It will also set the cause back even if only a little. I doubt Sturgeon will move on a referendum before the virus is clearly under control and that is not going to be before the end of this year (if then), BUT it would be nice to put Johnson on the spot about indyref2 and watch him squirm as he tries to defend an undemocratic decision even if Sturgeon isnt going to pose the question just yet.


    1. So iamsoccerdoc, do you think Boris Johnston the prime minister tells lies , the BBC tells lies which STV and SKY then copy as do the radio stations all the newspapers tell lies then apologise weeks or months later or when they make huge defamation payouts forced by the courts ,Hancock tells lies the office for National Stats tell lies hiding the real covid death figures in England and Wales and so on and so on but you believe Yougov tells the truth ?

      Really ? Is that what you are saying ?

      If you are i say you are wrong very wrong, we are surrounded by British state propaganda including businesses thats why they suddenly started union flags on everything thats why they say they will move out of Scotland RBS have already moved out , they lie to propagandise


  5. Nearly all human behaviour whether individual or collective is predictable and follow pre set patterns
    This is in our very DNA and has evolved as what may be termed as a strategy firstly for survival then success
    I have observed closely for years as to how our foes behave with regards Scottish Independence
    During this campaign at 1st they were disorganised and frightened
    But now they have realised that they stand alone as the hour of battle appears over the horizon
    They know in reality Labour and Liberal
    Shall turn and flee
    So what is their strategy now
    Firstly like all political parties The Tories
    Have without doubt done their private polling and research
    What have they found
    Well in the Answer is a massive change in strategy
    Why they no doubt have found,that one way or another that either their will be
    1) A SNP stand alone majority
    2 ) No Overall SNP majority but a Indy majority with The Greens and Alba counted in
    Without doubt a immediate Demand for Sect 30
    That one way or another will be refused
    And the last thing they want is it going to court
    And as always our foes with the massive aid of the ABC(BBC) and all other MSM
    They will set the narrative then proceed to set the agenda
    What is the Agenda
    Any referendum is a Wildcat one
    Watch this space
    All in the Indy movement MUST never allow such to establish


  6. Some of the unionist liars getting in on the list. Created so the unionists could try to keep control of Holyrood. They have failed badly. Independence is even closer. Another IndyRef in sight. That is a great outcome. The majority in Scotland should be proud.

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