Promoting the Union on election day?

Choices, choices, what will Reporting Scotland’s editor select from the many, many stories out there?

Unlike the shameless attempts in the days before election day to undermine the SNP with tales of the unvaccinated, of businesses ruined by too slow emergence from lockdown and of an illegal referendum, they were at least subtle (sneaky?) today.

Why will the Lions rugby coach name his selection today? Did he always plan to do it today? Why is he hinting at more Scots?

Why is this a top story even before it has happened? How many of you were waiting excitedly to hear?

The story isn’t featured on BBC 1 Breakfast in the first 30 minutes before the BBC Scotland insert. Their sport correspondent goes for news of events that have already happened, in football. Maybe they plan to report the news when it is the news?

The story doesn’t make the BBC Scotland website page at all, nor the BBC England page.

Wait, Wales! They love rugby. Ah, ‘Wales great Alun Wyn Jones to captain squad!’ Off course that’s an announcement that has actually been made not one coming later. It is the news.

The Herald? Nope, 15 reports on football and 1 on……..curling!

Somebody in Pacific Quay loves the game? Wait, didn’t John Beattie? Something?

15 thoughts on “Promoting the Union on election day?

    1. Well, that’s because there’s no need to be subtle with the unwashed, uneducated North of the No-Borderers is there?

      I mean, if you recall the Great One’s Progenitor – we can’t even spell Pinocchio…

      Incidentally, I don’t think he thinks he’s Churchill. It’s just that he has to use an example the Plebs has heard of. And we’re too ignorant to have heard of Vespasian. (Or Titus Flavius Vespasianus, as the Great Classicist would no doubt call him).

      I await, with bated breath, the Johnsonian equivalent of the Colosseum. HS2? The Scotland/NI Bridge, perhaps? That’ll go with a bang.

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  1. Gather round the table…some crumbs may fall!

    The “field jocks” are ready to revolt but the “house jocks” don’t want to upset the Master and loose their comforts.


  2. Ooh! Token Scots! Must be misreading Holyrood as Hollywood (like the subtitles do); only they have Token Scots instead of Token Blacks. The ones there to make up the numbers prior to getting… erm… disposed of.

    Will the Scots have to wear red shirts? (One for Star Trek watchers. Or Galaxy Quest – good film. I recommend it).

    Who are they trying to impress? Most Common People are more interested in footie – apologies, Old Etonians, soccer) anyway, surely? (Apologies to rugby – again, sorry to OEs, football – fans).

    Paid more?
    Threatened more?
    Unionists not as good at being ‘impartial’?
    All of the above?

    Whatever it is, IT’S WORKED!
    They love us! No. Don’t laugh. They REALLY DO.
    The Polling Place is open.
    I’m going to vote RIGHT NOW. Blow the fact I’m still in my night things. I can’t wait!

    TORY 1&2.
    (The more discerning amongst you may have detected a *hint* of sarcasm there…)

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    1. “So are they all. All honourable men”.

      Sorry, I don’t know what’s come over me – quoting from Julius Caesar and all. I’ve come over all peculiar since I read they’ve recognised the value of Token Scots.

      I just can’t seem to help combining 2 of Our Great Leader’s favourite things – Shakespeare and Classics.

      I see it all now. The error of my ways. It must be lurve… /s


  3. Seeing this reference to ‘the Lions’ squad I’m surprised no one is yet warning it might be the last squad a Scot will be part of! Some may remember this claim from before but for others, let me explain.

    We need to go back to an evening in 2014, just before IndyRef 1. The scene is a BBC studio broadcasting a political programme with a panel answering questions and giving views on Scotland’s independence. A Scottish international rugby player called Hastings was on the panel – I’m almost certain it was Scott. He made his view on Scotland’s self-determination clear, on why he was voting ‘no’.

    He said, in terms, that he could never vote for independence as it would deprive Scottish rugby players of the future from being able to play for the British Lions. I kid you not: it was among the most outrageous – stupid or deliberately egregious – claims by Unionists. And of course broadcast without any challenge whatsoever.

    I suspect some Unionists must regret that Ryder Cup team selection can no longer be leveraged in the Unionist cause!

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  4. Re Gavin Hastings. I give you the opinion of one of the high heid yins within the Murrayfield Junta running-down Scottish rugby.

    Speaking of Adam Hastings, Gavin’s son, he said: “Adam is a true chip off the old block – a great rugby player, but, thick as mince.”

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  5. Sorry but I suspect the reduction in covid infections to below 100 for the 1st time in months, no deaths and no new hospital and ICU admissions will feature prominently on RS today.

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        1. Oh good. Thought so, but with some of the contributors it’s difficult to tell.

          And, of course, some of my own moments of whimsy have had a serious response…


  6. They used education, health, religion, defence, money (LOL!) now sport. Vote BritNat and you might, just might get some actual people from your own country (!) playing for your country’s team. Ok then that’s nice, anything else the ‘verminous’ Scots might get to do by staying shackled to their masters in England?

    The BritNats have had to be a teensy bit careful, because any false flag stuff or troubles they might have manufactured would be seen as a negative of being shackled to a right wing neighbour.

    Fingers crossed for the election, to help secure Scotland’s freedom from English rule once and for all.

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