Nicola, did you hear something roaring in pain, in the distance there?

I think somebody’s is watching Jurassic Park in one of the houses across the street.

How do you think Anas is doing? The media seem to like his 6th Year Prefect manner. What about the polls?

Eh, here are the last few:

Nearly caught the Tories after he told Douglas to grow up but he’s back in 3rd place now. Well ahead of Willie Rennie though?

Tory voters are rallying to Douglas?

What about the life-support for Unionist diddies vote?

Oooh, the Greens might catch them! Their co-leaders seem dangerously intelligent and charismatic, by comparison.

Monica Lennon for leader in a few days?

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15 thoughts on “Nicola, did you hear something roaring in pain, in the distance there?

  1. Should Starmer decide to fall on his sword after the loss of the Labour vote in N.England,it will be interesting to see which direction his party decideds to go in.
    Further to the right or back to the left?
    If it is the latter,then their Scottish branch manager will be out on a limb.
    Just another reason why Labour supporters in Scotland need to take independent action and forget the “solidarity” with Tory voting workers in Liverpool b/s.

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  2. Is Starmer “falling on his sword” not more serious than that? If Starmer goes, who takes over? Another nonentity? Does this not have a whiff of the Labour Party in Scotland just before the 2015 election? If they cannot hold Hartlepool then it puts into play the seats of people like Yvette Cooper and Ed Miliband.
    In Scotland the votes that Labour lost went to the SNP. Where will they go in England? By the looks of things they are going to the Tories, sleaze etc or not? A very strong reason for an independence referendum and to get out of the UK before it’s too late.

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  3. Just forget Tory/labour/Liberal
    Up here they are to put it bluntly just hand glove puppets for their respective masters down there
    England has a massive political void and by Gawd the elite are merely taking their chances to enrich themselves
    But as always they think they so mighty and powerful that they are infallible and beyond reproach now
    All just like Hitler thought as his forces surrounded Stalingrad with Von Pualis,s
    6th army and a million men of whom less than 6000 made it back to Germany

    Big Big Big Mistake because by its very nature everything moves in cycles and when matters become so seriously unbalanced all other forces act to restore balance
    This is what has happened in Scotland
    And the scales now tipping well in our favour
    But going completely under the radar in England a political movement started as a joke is slowly but surely gaining some real traction
    That is the NIP (Northern Independence Party )
    Maybe not them but something that shall spawn from it might just sooner than you think begin to send shock waves to both Labour and Tory behind the Red wall
    Do not forget to add London once the movement gains real traction
    Tis the end for Great Britain and its Empire


  4. Starmer is a busted flush, but he will stay in post for some time yet (no obvious successor). Same with Starwars, our mumbling hero of the Hootsmon/Herod.BEEB.
    The opposition are a gift. Wee Wullie, Starwars and DRoss–all useless but apparently irreplacable.
    Back end of 2023, and the campaign. Scotlands Three Stooges joined by Boris/Gove/Sunak—one of them or all of them.
    We have a very, very , very good chance of independence.

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  5. If Labour in England continue on the slide and the people of England continue to be seduced by Toryism, sleaze and all, then perhaps the good folk of Scotland and Wales have an additional, a humanitarian mission to perform.

    We cannot bring about beneficial change in England, we cannot overcome English majoritism within the present UK democratic system. So the best we can do for our neighbours in England, especially for their young people, is to set them an example of beneficial progressive, social democracy as independent nation states before matters in England get even worse!

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  6. George Monbiot in today’s Guardian hears the same noise but as a “Creaking sound.” I suppose it depends on how close you are to the epicentre of Scotland tearing away from the colonial aggressor.


  7. England. “Failed State” as its last Imperial possetions get ready to leave.
    England. One party State, as a minority party holds all the reins of power, and minority parties fate into oblivion.
    England. Pariah State as it sends gunboats to solve diplomatic problems, and asks foriegn governments to interfere in Scottish democracy—will they ask Putin again?
    England. Americas poodle State; bootlicker and cheerleader to the USA, whether it is Trump or “Irish Joe”.

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  8. USA copied much of the habits of England from its outset .
    USA is now finding out that its much loved constitution is a just a con.
    Freedom , what freedom ?
    Freedom to impose a death penalty.
    Three strikes and you are imprisoned no matter how trivial your wrongdoing.
    Rape clause ? copied by westminster from USA.
    Gun laws ,to protect yourself , by shooting someone who comes on to your land even people mistakenly encroaching shot dead.
    Children using guns carelessly left around killing each other in school.
    Should we actually call it gun law ? They allow themselves to legally and openly carry machine guns that can shoot hundreds of bullets per minute , his is not protecting yourself this is renegade vigilante behaviour.
    England and USA are dangerous across the world .


  9. Poll are polls, and a poll lead for parochially minded authoritarians does not fill me with hope. The future does not look bright for Scotland, given that English Torydum thinks it own us, and our political/legal Establishment appear eager to destroy the potential for justice in Scotland, by denying humanity is part of nature and re-defining the legal concept of woman to include biological males.

    Click to access BiologicalBasisOfHumanRights.pdf


  10. Must have been a flying visit. Nicola and Fergus Mutch. A text of Nicola spotted in in Glasgow.

    Exiting times. Waiting for the result. How massive the win.


  11. The Greens are Woke and only half of them support Independence (Ashcroft Poll)
    However having tramped the streets for a few weeks with ALBA leaflets I think the polling is crap. The Greens will be lucky to hold the seats they have and ALBA is about to shock the establishment.


  12. Justice isn’t possible if the law is divorced from moral reasoning and sociological evidence, and so excessively instrumental (see Nazi Germany). It’s also not possible to claim to be a democrat, while insisting the law can dictate public reason. That’s why Scots will never enjoy the potential for justice while standing under Westminster, or insisting that trans-inclusion is worth the denial of science and the political/legal exclusion and erasure of natal women from public reason.

    ‘Operative’ natural rights

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