‘Crisis’ data on NHS vacancies gathered in November 2020 by the Lib Dems and posted in the Herald on election day!

From the Herald today:

One in 14 consultant posts in NHS Scotland is vacant, with one health board saying it has advertised some vacancies 24 times without a single applicant. Data obtained under freedom of information by the Scottish Liberal Democrats found that 381 out of 5,367 consultant roles are currently unfilled.

From Jeanne Freeman in 2019:

7% vacancies must be a relief to the BMA. In February 2021, they were predicting 15%, more than twice as many:


Crisis, what crisis? Why today? Oh yes, the Liberal Democrats. When did they get the data? November 2020!

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5 thoughts on “‘Crisis’ data on NHS vacancies gathered in November 2020 by the Lib Dems and posted in the Herald on election day!

  1. Crisis? Yes, sadly, there is.
    100% journalistic vacancy at the Herod.
    A total vacuum of talent in the Lib Dumbs.
    The performer known as “Wee Wullie” has impersonated a Party Leader for a decade.

    Police are searching the premises for “previous”, and looking for accomplices.

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  2. Hopefully ALBA replace the FibDems only List MSP today.

    Mike ‘opens mouth and lets belly’ Rumbles in the NE has his coat on a very shoogly peg between ALBA and the Greens.

    A C-H and/or Wee Willie 1p getting horsed out would also be satisfying.

    Also think Northern Isles could throw return an SNP MSP!


  3. A normal turnover of staff. Most firms, institutions would not be fully staffed all the time. People off sick or dying, or moving, or retiring.


  4. NHS Scotland one of the biggest employers 140,000 staff.+ doctors, dentists. Funded £13Billion. One of the biggest Scottish Gov spends. Heathcare staff are leaving because of Brexit.


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