The National: Still proudly critical of the SNP

Ignoring the news of death rates falling below, and vaccination rates rising above, other parts of the UK, the National joined the others in jumping the gun to trumpet the attainment of the record BBC Scotland has waited for.

Just over a week ago, in an anti-Sturgeon tirade, their Michael Fry repeated the outright lie that Scotland had had more Covid deaths over the pandemic.

In October 2020, they stated that the FM had admitted to a lack of clarity over cafe shutdown exemptions. She had not.

It comes from the top:

Their first editor Richard Walker said in 2015:

We can and will be critical of the SNP.

Walker is now 5th in a list of 12 SNP candidates for the South Scotland region. If ever there was a reason for SNP 1 and other 2.

There’s a long trail of their ‘criticism’. See:

11 thoughts on “The National: Still proudly critical of the SNP

  1. The National is a trojan horse imo…but they have some very good independence writers penning articles, who perhaps could be employed elsewhere to the benefit of Scotland if broadcasting and telecommunications etc was not all reserved to London, and England’s choice of government.

    It’s the front page that people see though, and hardly anyone will read past that. The ‘National’ is no friend of the SNP which brings into question what is their agenda and where does their allegiance lie, given that Scotland has voted for the SNP to be their party of choice (and god help us if that changes somehow, in the near future) in working for Scotland and not for England’s benefit.

    I subscribe to ‘Broadcasting Scotland’ on youtube, saying as that’s one of the few platforms to see and hear an equal balance of news and current affairs re; Scotland in particular. Not many watch it sometimes though at all, Gordon is having to go through treatment for an illness, so it’s different people presenting it, all good, worth a watch and support/subscribe, if you can.

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  2. Thanks for pointing this out I don’t read Michael Fry’s column because he annoys the hell out of me. Shame on them. Do you complain to The National?

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  3. OT

    I see that poorly informed social conservatives are running things btl on WOS nowadays. Queer theory is in itself not a threat to liberal society, only misguided articulations of its logic. Similarly, Foucault is not a threat to your children or democracy.

    The state of exception and the law of the global economy: a conceptual and empirico-legal inquiry

    “Agamben’s work connects the state of exception to the foundation of political authority, taking an approach that, while grounded in history, is conceptual rather than historiographic. Michel Foucault’s concept of biopolitics provides a useful point of departure to discuss Agamben’s ideas. For Foucault, biopolitics refers to the inscribing of human life—eg, the health of the population, its productive and reproductive capacity—within the realm of the political.”


  4. Trying to increase sales?

    Noticed the headlines to some surprise. She was found innocent. A caricature of RD/DR. Cartoon on the cover.


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