Sturgeon’s ‘modest background’ and the nasty snobbery of Blairites

Former adviser to Jack McConnell, Susan Dalgety, writing in the right-wing Tory rag, the Spectator, once edited by Johnson, casts doubt on the First Minister’s progressiveness and at the same time looks down her nose at a council house / comprehensive school background in North Ayrshire.

There was a time when coming from a ‘modest background’ and getting on was perceived as something to be proud of in the Labour Party. I claim a modest background.


Susan Dalgety has a trail of nasty personal attacks on Sturgeon.

In November 2020, she dissected the body of cancer victim, Tracey Emin, to help the reader feel the full horror of the most extreme case before applying that image, heartlessly, to all other cancer cases, then shockingly, blame the First Minister for the deaths of thousands still to come because of the treatment delays due to her Covid strategy. There are of course no statistics supporting that bloody accusation.

Then, perhaps revealing the ability to compartmentalise of the sociopathic mind, Dalgety writes:

My daughter-in-law, a mobile hairdresser, has just been told by the First Minister to stop working, with no apparent safety net to compensate for her loss of income. Her experience is replicated across the hospitality sector with people and businesses thrown on the scrapheap without, it seems, a scintilla of sympathy. 

Does the mobile hairdresser have receipts and a tax return? If so, I feel sure compensation is available. Did she pay any tax?

And, sympathy? Has Dalgety seen none of the briefings?


On taxation, benefits, education, women’s rights, the environment, discrimination, nuclear weapons, the evidence is clear. I won’t list it all. It’s here:

The SNP, not Labour, is the real radical and progressive party

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14 thoughts on “Sturgeon’s ‘modest background’ and the nasty snobbery of Blairites

  1. I know who Nicola Sturgeon is as does everyone in Scotland but who on earth is this empty shell? On second thoughts I am better off not knowing.

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  2. As with most English publications,there is a fixation with class and one’s place within that structure.
    What they do not like is someone in Scottish political life who breaks that narrative and presents the idea that wealth does not confer a monopoly on wisdom and capabilities.
    Just another example of how different our two cultures are.

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    1. It’s not even about wisdom or capabilities, it’s about a whole culture of the British Nationalists’ elitism, know your place serfs, do not ever get ideas above your station. It’s about keeping people down, keeping them in their place, and my must it irk the Tory/red Tory BritNats that someone indeed so capable in a very high level in government. Nicola Strugeon has more intelligence, and more integrity, in a single hair on her head, than any Eton uneducated fool has in their whole selfish self entitled body.

      Nicola Sturgeon is a capable, very hard working politician who also happens to possess a level of humanity that the Eton uneducated selfservatives in power at Westminster in London, are seriously lacking in.

      The FM of Scotland puts the idiots in power (terrifyingly) at Westminster to shame, they should get down on their knees when they meet her, oh wait they refuse to meet with her, because they are just not capable of attaining her level of genuinely intelligent debate, discussion and negotiation.

      That woman Dalgety needs to take a look in the mirror…and surely her D in law, would be considered ‘mediocre’ as a mere hair dresser…in her M in laws snobby, biased, incapable eyes.

      I cannot abide snobs, they are most often the least capable, human or intelligent people on the planet.

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  3. Lawyer First Minister. Mobile hairdresser. Lawyer smart caring First Minister. Mobile hairdresser brings joy to the customers. Mobile hairdresser might spread covid to the customers. Especially the elderly. No joy or happiness. Just dead. The smart, caring Lawyer First Minister trying to keep people alive.

    Jack McConnell HoL. Put £1.5Billion back to Westminster. The McCrone Report hidden. The banking crash. The illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion.

    Iraqi War, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for 100 years. The culprits never brought to justice.

    Nicola FM has done more for Scotland in six years than Labour did for 50 years. It strike of jealousy.

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  4. Was she the one who “advised” McConnell to return billions to Westminster because Labour couldn’t find anything useful to spend it on?

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    1. That thought occurred to me, as I was reading the Prof’s piece. She’s probably working on the assumption that there’s another £1.5Bn hanging around, not being spent mitigating Tory cuts, just waiting to be returned to Westminster.

      Oh, by-the-by Susan Dalgety, should you happen to read this; none of us are in control of the circumstances into which we were born. Post Blair seeing so-called Labour supporters aping the Tories is nothing new, but this snobby claptrap is nothing better than Bullingdon-lite.

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  5. “Irrelevance cast doubts on relevance…” would probably be a more apt header, I know Dalgety Bay, but thankfully unacquainted with Dalgety bray…

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  6. As luck would have it, stumbled across the Dalgety piece on Indyref2 this morning and had a read, The vitriol not so much leaks but pours, clearly pitched at the Spectator subscribers of whom Andrew Neil would not only approve but have on speed dial..

    Dalgety’s (and indeed Brillo’s) perspectives on the Scots’ condition only serves to reinforce the MSM narrative for a sizeable chunk of England that Scotland is a hopeless basket case hypnotised by a failing despot….
    Whereas in England……ehm…

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  7. I come from a modest background. When I was a boy the pigeons used to chap our windows to see if we needed any bread.

    I would say that I still have a modest background but, in my dotage, I don’t need help from the pigeons anymore.

    And with reference to the article, can gammons be female?

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    1. Obviously a gammon can be female, Susan, Kirsty and Sarah were very well connected when Labour turned a blind eye to GCC’s illegal and immoral sex discrimination for over 20 years in GCC, de-industrialisation, etc., etc., not the teensiest of remorse from any of them..

      It’s fairly clear among the “better class” of Labour they have become the “resentful”, when it comes to a SNP administration, hence let no turn be unstoned…

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  8. Dalgety is nothing more than an annoying and bitter waste of space with a sense of entitlement. She was previously adviser to McConnell and he wasn’t even remotely a success in any sense of the word, so it’s hard to believe that her ‘advice’ was either effective or even helpful.

    Perhaps she functioned more as a mobile echo chamber so that Jack the Lad could go ahead and make no worthwhile contribution to improving the lot of the people. The people had British Labour in Scotland sussed by 2007.

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