Hiding the worst of it For England

By: ‘Fiona McBean

Some of you will be aware of the different methods that Westminster has used over the last year to hide England’s Coronavirus figures inside either UK figures or by amalgamating them with Wales’ figures in the case of the ONS.

If you take a look at the UK daily dashboard you will see that something new has come to light this week.

The UK total death cert. total of 146 487 is no longer the same as the sum of the 4 nations.

England    125 276

Wales           7624

NI                 2 838

Scotland       9 710

 Total        145 448          (1039 missing)

Over the last few months one anomaly within the ONS weekly figures has been the growing gap between the total England/Wales all settings cumulative death total and the equivalent recorded on the daily dashboard.

The most recent figure shows 134 256 on ONS compared with the 132 900 above.

This gap is 1 356 with 317 in the last 4 weeks alone.

Looking at the “What’s New” section on the dashboard and you will find a probable part-answer to this gap.

On 16/3 a reported 946 non-residents of E/W were added to the UK total but not allocated to either England or Wales.

The ONS weekly report has for some time noted  that non-residents were not included in their reports although looking at reports in June 2020 it stated that they were then.

#This 16/3 addition was not flagged up as a change on the daily dashboard of that day unlike all other notes they have added , or indeed announced at a WM briefing.

Contrast this with the Scottish Government’s announcement of something very similar 2 week’s earlier.

Jeane Freeman announced at the daily briefing that PHS had added 172 patients into the 28-day number . These were people who had no CHI (community health index) number and because of this had not been included previously  in the 28-day total. Unlike the ONS figure this made no difference to the NRS running total as they had been on that certificated list all along & crucially these folk have always been allocated to Scotland rather than just the UK.

One more angle to keep in mind when the likes of Marr and Musson get busy with their calculators over the next 2 months.

7 thoughts on “Hiding the worst of it For England

  1. I’ve not been involved in the business-end of scientific social analysis and reporting for a very long time, but this does appear to be rather sloppy and dodgy practice. And comes at a time when scientific method and pro-science beliefs, are coming under intense pressure from both neo-liberalism and populist politics. Which are undermining the potential for good public policy and accountable open democracy.

    Science beliefs, political ideology, and cognitive sophistication

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  2. Little wonder the rest of the world early on looked at excess deaths as a mechanism for getting around different benchmarks and blatant political interference, the latter somewhat obvious in London’s case.

    Who would have guessed at the outset of this pandemic that perceptions over England’s death rate would be #10’s primary concern.

    That a purportedly independent ONS succumbed to political direction is in little doubt, that ends it’s credibility. Period.


    1. It didn’t used to be thus, that is the point.
      Loss of political trust in a party is a problem until the next election, political influence on an independent institution can be fatal, then the domino effect takes over such that no institution merits trust.

      Thus far in Scotland we only have HMS Sarah Smith and Jackbowieitory Towers to contend with, both long regarded with contempt with a singular connection, London.


  3. The discerning audience would spot the hucksterism straight off the bat.
    However a busy public tend to scan the news.
    This is where the colonial, partisan media earns its corn ( and CBEs etc) with their dubious “journalism”.
    Liars, frauds and hucksters.
    Under this diet of Brit Nat lies and manipulation, Scotland has gone from the worlds biggest consumer of newsprint, to a collapse in newspaper purchase, and heavy scepticism of the product.
    Not so different from other One Party States like the USSR and East Germany—-where the “journalism” is of a similar standard.


  4. Shall I tell you where all this ends when those noe that surround government and work on their
    Behalf and in order to survive they merely nod their heads in abject submission
    Well look no further than NAZI Germany
    I could give you umpteen examples commencing 6 yrs before war commenced
    But let’s take just one example as the war was in the final stages
    Hitler issued orders to redeploy the 2nd Army to defend Berlin from the ruthless Soviet advance
    The Generals reported back the next day that this 2nd Army had successfully re deployed as ordered
    The reality was that this Army was completely surrounded by Soviet forces
    Who seen no need to take them prisoners but
    Leave them to Rot
    Seems as Boris leaving a helluva lot to Rot now


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