Labour Leader tries to recover from poll disaster by returning to child death story

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record
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More than a year since his last attempt to piggy-back this tragic case, in an attempt to win favour, the new Scottish Labour leader has returned to the scene of the crime, attaching himself to the family again.

He’s desperate, after the latest Opinium poll placed him 5th and last, as the best candidate for First Minister, after ‘None of these’, ‘don’t know‘ and Douglas Ross. That last one’s a slap.

I’m not suggesting that Scottish Labour have been grooming this family in the way that the Scottish Conservatives seem to have been grooming the Ayrshire family whose daughter was murdered and who are calling for the culprit to be banned from the area after release, or the Lib Dems when one of them ‘saved my daughter’s life’ then rushed to the media to tell them, but sources have told me they are.

Sarwar has returned to ‘support’ this family as they leak a report which might be referring to their child:

Leaving aside the ethics of reporting a release, this is certainly, shoddy and not probably shoddy journalism. Here’s the key part:

A case note review, which is due to be published on Monday, looked into the cases of 84 children who developed infections while undergoing treatment at the hospital and found that a third of infections “probably” originated in the hospital and the rest were possibly acquired there. Families of patients referred to in the review were given sight of an embargoed copy of the report ahead of its publication. The report does not name the child who died but Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said he had spoken to Kimberley Darroch who believes the patient referenced is her daughter, Milly Main.

If you were teaching journalism students, this would be a great example, for a 1st Year class on ethics. Would they believe it had actually been published?

If you were teaching politics students, this would be a great example for a 1st Year class on ethics. Would they believe that a party leader could sink so low?

14 thoughts on “Labour Leader tries to recover from poll disaster by returning to child death story

  1. Anas’s masters at the party HQ in London will be disappointed his rise to fame isn’t doing the trick. Labour in Scotland are a busted flush, and their London HQ’d party is fully fledged Tory now. The party’s over, as the saying goes, for Labour.

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  2. Read similar yesterday, the imminent publication of the report opened the door (yet again 🙄) for HMS Sarah Smith to regurgitate/recycle QEUH connected stories from their “Get Freeman” campaign, with the infamous “Milly” photo prominent.

    Like the recent Inquiry “leak”, PQ or Sarwar seem free to quote extracts from this as yet unpublished SG commissioned report free of challenge..

    With the AS v NS etc tales of woe accomplishing naught except in England, it looks to be a desperate dredging exercise by the Bitter-Together brigade to find something, anything, which will stick, or in Sarwar’s case promote him from complete irrelevance.

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  3. Politics in Scotland is now down to the single issue of independence.
    Many Labour supporters have decided to vote for the real thing (Tories) in order to maintain solidarity with other former Labour voters in England.
    Hiding to nothing comes to mind,not just in Scotland but south of our border as well.


  4. Westminster unionists killing people. Austerity and pandemic mismanagement. Tories/Labour. Not a policy to chose between them. Colluding in scandal. Starmer never calls out the Tories. He comes to Scotland unelected and interferes. Covering up all Labour’s crimes. Iraq War, Dunblane and Lockerbie. Kept secret for 100 years. Labour have been responsible for killing more people. They try to cover it up.

    The ConDems cut NHS £20Billion. They cut Education £6Billion a year. Cut £16Billion from Welfare. From 2015 to 2020. There are 200 more people killed in knife crime a year, in London S/E, because of austerity. Reduced support.


  5. Not sure if that first name you use for Mr Sarwar is a mistake or deliberate. If it’s the latter, I find it a bit childish but also a bit offensive. There are only two MSPs currently who are Scots of Asian descent and both have their names messed up for supposedly comic purposes. I think this lack of respect should play no part in our debates about Scotland’s future.
    Anas Sarwar may be a bit of a tumshie in political terms but his name (and his ethnic origin) should not be up for mockery.


  6. “Scottish” Labour.
    Once a political party, now running dogs for the Tory hegemony.

    Starwars and Sir Starmer,
    Wrapped tight in Brit-Nat Armour,
    neither one is a charmer,
    better off as snake-oil farmers.


  7. Whatever the squabbles in the Independence movement I am quite sure that no one is returning to a Unionist Labour Party under an idiot like Sarwar controlled by puppet master “Union Jack Stammer.”


  8. O/T The BBC News website is amplifying Mr Starmer’s statements made on his recent visit to Glasgow. Talking about the upcoming Holyrood election he said: “You have the SNP … saying the only thing that matters is a referendum.” Seems he is predicting a one sentence manifesto from the SNP!

    Why does the Labour Party continue to treat the Scottish electorate to such silliness? Why the blatant and daft lie? Is this really what the Labour leader wishes to be judged on?

    No insight, no gravitas on display from Labour here. And did we just hear ‘silence’ on for example the implications for Scotland of the Tory’s UK Internal Market Act from this advocate of fantasy federalism?

    In the same BBC article, we learn of Mr Starmer on the Ministerial Code. Virtue signalling? He seems to have a well developed but highly selective concern for adherence to it: must be obeyed in Holyrood but not so much it seems in Westminster. He says: “The code itself is clear, if the code has been breached the individual should resign.” Well Mr Starmer do your job – live up to your responsibilities – as leader of HM Opposition in Westminster.

    Loving this tweet from Peter Stefanovic, described as a high profile Lawyer, Labour supporter and political and social commentator known for his films debunking political deceit.

    @Peter Stefanovi2 8:12 am · 20 Mar 2021·

    “Happy to tweet this every day if needed. 7 times Boris Johnson has misled the House of Commons.

    Come on @BBCNews @itvnews @Channel4News @5_News @SkyNews I’ve done the hard work, NOW DO YOUR JOB. Broadcast it & hold this slippery truth twister to account.”

    Here is the link to his video showing Johnson’s ‘performances’:

    It has had 4.7 million views so far. Perhaps Mr Starmer could also do with taking Mr. Stefanovic’s urging to heart!

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