SHOCK: Balanced news reporting on ‘Sturgeon’

Headlining the Tory call for a no confidence vote in the FM, but no sign yet of the latest reports from the committee members questioning what happened there and defending her.

No sign yet of the committee chair’s concerns about leaking the report.

Nothing yet, just Brian Taylor wondering, again. Down, down, down we go:

Nope, we’re into magazine stuff now. Wait’s what’s this right at the bottom?

There they are, the SNP members hitting and the chair ‘dismayed.’ Mark Smith of the Herald must be so proud:

4 thoughts on “SHOCK: Balanced news reporting on ‘Sturgeon’

  1. Wow, Scotland really is a complete basket case looking at those few snippets of propaganda. There must be two Scotlands because I don’t recognise the one they are referring to, I wouldn’t want to live in the one they describe, weird because Edinburgh is full of folks with posh English accents, they must have been forced to live in basket case Scotland then.

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  2. Of course the proposed “vote of no confidence” was announced last Monday at the “Scottish” Tory conference, days before the leaked smear story from the Brits in the inquiry team.
    So its a stunt. Constitutional playpark politics in the midst of a pandemic.

    Starmer states that Sturgeon should go if she has broken the Miniserial Code.
    Why does he not call for Boris to go? He has broken his own Ministerial Code repeatedly, including misleading Parliament at least three times in recent weeks.
    1.- On Coronavirus contracts being published.
    2.-On Labour voting against the nurses pay rise (they didnt) in England.
    3.-On northern rail funding.

    Starmer is a stuffed shirt, who stands four square with Boris, Farage and Co against the elected government of Scotland.

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  3. Me thinks Paplove,s dogs have been dreaming
    And heard his bell ring,all awakening bolt upright simultaneously,foaming at their rabid
    Mouths, spinning furiously upon their docked tails,howling and barking ,scratching at their
    Enclosures wire mesh,tearing their claws out
    And all to no avail as feeding time not due until polling day
    Whereby we have the ability by our votes to lace their feeding bowls with some Strychnine
    Thereby sending them back to a most peaceful sleep for perpaturity


  4. I see they have positioned those two items next to the QEUH infection/cancer death story and Jeane Freeman “forced” to deny NS damaged goods story.

    “Forced” “damaged goods” hmmm…I listened to the Jeane Freeman daily briefing on Friday and she didn’t sound forced to me. In fact, she gave a very robust response to the journalist saying she had full confidence in NS. Sounded delighted to have the opportunity.

    As for “damaged goods” – there seems to be a groundswell of people joining and rejoining the SNP since Friday and happily tweeting about it with #IStandWithNicola hashtag.


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