EU flag is the ‘Red flag’ causing them to show how they cannot hide their contempt

10 minutes into Question Time last Thursday night, and host Fiona Bruce pounced, as she spotted the tiny EU flag, in SNP MP Kirsten Oswald’s shelves.

It was tiny compared with the big Jacks now de rigueur for ministers. Do the French have a word for de rigueur?

We’d just had a bit of ‘patriotic’ EU-bashing over vaccines and Oswald simply praised the vaccinators but Bruce took the opportunity for some playground-level nah nah stuff implying that, had Scotland been independent and still in the EU, we’d have no vaccines, like Israel presumably.

Then, it was straight on, clearly unable to wait in case it didn’t come up naturally, to what her agenda requires most. She was desperate to talk about a leak, breaking the MSP code, of an unreleased report in which Tory, Labour and Lib Dem MSPs, at the last minute, hijacked the findings to condemn the First Minister. The BBC, I feel sure, should not be jumping in like this and would not if the target was the PM.

Remember, the FM is accused of neglecting to tell Holyrood of a meeting, not for breaking the criminal law in the award of PPE contracts to friends nor the ministerial code in covering up payments to the PM:

This story set the other English Nationalists running with indignation at alleged Scottish Nationalism. Ian Hyslop was first:

Then Jess Phillips found herself torn between admiration for a woman leader and contempt for Scotland, with a rant, wildly applauded by the audience across England, which became a ‘red flag’ for me and I changed channel.

10 thoughts on “EU flag is the ‘Red flag’ causing them to show how they cannot hide their contempt

  1. The EU spent £3Billion+ developing the vaccine. All the people most at risk in Scotland have been vaccinated. The Union Jack supporters flaunt the rules and guidelines.

    Scotland raises £66Billion+. More pro rata than the rest of the UK. Total revenues raised in the UK. £630Billion+. Much misspent and mismanaged by Westminster. Killing people. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Scotland no taxation without representation.

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  2. Didn’t watch it, didn’t watch Panorama, have more or less stopped watching BBC news and listening to Radio Scotland. Dip in & out of tweets to get a feel for what is happening, read your blog & Wee Ginger Dug plus occasionally others recommended by friends. Feeling much more positive and focused without all the background noise

    No matter what happens in Scotland we will never get positive news from MSM – just last week things like incorporating UNCRC in Scots Law went virtually unreported. Well past time for independence – May is not too far off now so just have to hope enough folk hold their nerve

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  3. The BBC is a State broadcaster in the East German mode of “neutrality”.
    It sees Scotland as a colonial possession, to be kept in its “place”.

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  4. Blood Pressure sky high with how Bruce,Hislop and Phillips mouths off why the hell don’t they start a petition in England to ditch Scotland if we are that worthless.

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    1. Laughingly, Hislop is used by the BEEB as the “voice” of the SNP, when they have a “journalist” debate.
      BBC neutral? In another universe, perhaps.


  5. There’s a Saltire on the shelf below it too.

    That’s even smaller than the EU flag, so perhaps they didn’t notice it.

    Or recognise it…

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  6. Yep!
    We turned off at that exact point…
    Our local SNP branch has had a 7% increase in membership this week,by the way!


  7. Britnat media continues to antagonize Scots by continuing to do down Scotland. And this is supposed to save their so-called united kingdom?!

    Let them continue their own britnat self-destruction.

    Switch off britnat propaganda. Tune in for independence.


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