Coronavirus may be the cure for Unionism

Above, Alex Massie, nearly a year ago .

The FT last week:

Scotland reaps dividend of Covid response that diverged from England’s

The Annual Report:

Infection level more than 40% lower in Scotland:

Death rate more than 20% lower in Scotland:

And, of course, deaths in care homes, 50% lower in Scotland:

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus may be the cure for Unionism

  1. O/t.

    Call Kaye is discussing As Vs The FM shenanigans Get on the phone txt 80295. Don’t let the yoons take over.


  2. Since the very beginning of the pandemic
    The death rate in England is 50.6 % higher than Scotland
    And for cases/infections 79.8% higher

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  3. The bias in the media is now impossible to hide. The hiding of data and news management by “journalists”.

    The persistent mis-quotations, and invented narrative by BBC staff covering Scotland.

    The pile-on without context or evidence by the “Scottish” press.

    The utter ignorance of Scotland by the English press.

    The willingness of that media to overlook corruption, lies and worse by the “English” government, reveals a weighted dice.

    Indeed the claims that Scotland is a “failed state” while overlooking worse constitutional activities by the Johnson Regime is “East German” standards of journalism on steroids..

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    1. Re- the “invented narrative”.

      Many commentators on political campaigning emphasise the importance of having a narrative – telling a story – to inform, reassure, inspire and ultimately sustain or win over the support of voters. Arguably this requires two crucial elements: (i) an effective narrative, a story, is crafted; and (b) the means are available to communicate the story to the electorate.

      We know that for a leader of a party or of a movement in favour of Scotland’s independence the second requirement presents a huge obstacle. And of course the mainstream media outlets don’t just limit or prevent the hearing of a pro-independence ‘story’, they develop and heavily, persistently push out their own counter narratives.

      I’m more concerned at present about the first requirement – the existence of a narrative, a compelling story, about Scotland’s case for and future when independent. Has there become a void here?

      On the importance of stories in politic leadership I read with interest a quote from an interview some years ago with Barack Obama. He said his biggest mistake during his first few years in office was not telling enough stories.

      “The nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people, that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. […] In my first two years I think the notion was, “Well, he’s been juggling and managing a lot of stuff, but where’s the story that tells us where he’s going?” And I think that was a legitimate criticism.”

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  4. To put that another way, Scotland’s government is presently capable of supporting our right to health, where as English Torydum isn’t. Though the capacity of our government to support our right to health will be nullified, if we allow ‘our’ legal Establishment to disable Scots law’s ability to reflect biological reality.

    The Lancet Commission on Global Health Law: How Law Can Advance The Right To Health


  5. Doh! Our government’s ability to support our right to health is ultimately constrained by standing under Westminster, which takes an exceptional approach to human rights law, and has empowered right-wing English nationalism to remove Scotland from the EU. So there isn’t much prospect of Scots ever enjoying their right to health, unless we get the opportunity to endorse and support our constitutional identity. Which is as different to England’s, as women are biologically different to men.

    Normative Foundations of Global Health Law


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