Johnson’s flawed quarantine system lets Brazil Covid variant into Scotland

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From BBC Scotland an hour ago:

An enhanced contact tracing effort is under way after the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 was detected in Scotland. Three Scottish residents tested positive for the new strain after flying into Aberdeen from Brazil, via Paris and London. Other passengers who were on the same flight from London are now being contacted. Experts believe this variant (P1) – first detected in northern Brazil in January – could be more contagious. Three other cases have also been detected in England, but they are not linked to the Scottish cases. Officials are still trying to track down one of those who tested positive for the new variant in England. Jillian Evans, head of health intelligence at NHS Grampian, said the three Scottish travellers had arrived in Aberdeen in early February, before new rules on hotel quarantine came into force. She told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme they had isolated together for 10 days after arrival in accommodation provided by their employer. They tested positive while in isolation.

This is the inevitable consequence of a quarantine system that cannot work. The Institute for Government is clear on this:

The government has said the purpose of this policy is to “reduce the risk of a new variant of the virus being transmitted from someone coming into the UK” and to “protect the public and our world-class vaccination programme” from variants against which existing vaccines might prove to be ineffective. However, it has not been clear about whether it wants merely to reduce the number of infected travellers mixing in the community – and if so, by how much – or if its goal is to stop variants of concern entering the country altogether. It is difficult to see how a selective quarantine system could achieve the latter. As SAGE has pointed out, there would be a time lag between a new variant arising and the government detecting it and shutting down travel from the relevant country.

Scotland effective test, trace and isolate system has probably shut this one down, but it will not be the last.

8 thoughts on “Johnson’s flawed quarantine system lets Brazil Covid variant into Scotland

  1. If ever their was proof positive for the need for Independence and the ability to fully control our Borders this is it
    Norway has and a very long land border with Sweden who just like England let the virus rip
    But Norway quickly took full control and closed its border
    A few stats for you
    England has highest death rate in the World
    And 1604 % higher than Norway
    England has the 18th highest case nos
    Scotland 23 rd for death rate
    59th for case nos
    These figs.speak volumes
    Over to you Voters

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  2. The government in England is encouraging a Covid trail with it’s “red list” country nonsense where people will try to evade quarantine (compulsory that is) by travelling convoluted routes to get into the country.
    Just another example of the Tories putting the economy ahead of health.
    They should listen more to scientific advice and less to their revolting back benchers.

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    1. bringiton

      Just pay attention to all the news bulletins
      And all are making sure that Scotland is dragged in and down with England
      All in a very not so subtle but what they think is a clever way
      Only now after 2 days of the news of the variant loose and no doubt spreading fast in England are they allowing epidemiologist experts speak
      If this variant really gets a grip
      Just like their Kent one which by far is now totally dominant with over 80 % of new cases
      If the Brazilian mutant has considerable vaccine resistance
      Then it will cost £ Billions to re vaccinate
      And continuation of severe lock down measures
      History will judge Boris the Terrible and his merry band of rogues as presiding over the complete, total collapse of once a great Imperial power into a insignificant bankrupt
      Nation who made every wrong move by clinging to their delusional views of who and what they have become
      I find all this astounding as to how supposedly
      Clever people are actually quite the reverse
      History will tell this sordid story as a explanatory example of
      How NOT to do things, as a lesson for all never to repeat
      This virus is the final sinking of the Sun on the horizon and never to rise again for England
      And as M.Caine sang and belted out in the film Little Voice, when his dreams of riches
      Were laid to waste
      It is Oveeeeeer

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  3. Last weekend, New Scientist magazine had an article “England’s flawed quarantine plan” – and it was England (and Wales) because the article pointed out that Scotland had a different system, and did not mention NI.
    The gist of the piece was that “the decision that visitors from only some countries must isolate in hotels ignores scientific advice and is bound to fail.”
    Mr Hancock had said that he was drawing on the experience of Australia, which has had strict quarantine rules in all states since the pandemic began and has had very few infections and even fewer deaths. The article quotes various academics from different Australian Universities. The article states that the ‘red list’ decisions are based on political considerations and not scientific ones and, citing the US as an example, the chances of a new variant being imported are high. Another academic states that given the already enormous infections the UK has experienced the action is shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.
    More importantly, it reports that the decision Hancock has taken is contrary to what SAGE recommended.
    Today, we see the lie exposed with the importation of six cases of a variant from Brazil, by people who had travelled from a ‘red list’ country via non-red list country, which was the reason the SG, to the contempt of the braying media, chose its stricter policy. Fortunately, those arriving in Scotland have adopted a sensible attitude and tracing appears to have identified all potential cases. However, for the cases in England, there is a probability of escape of the virus into the population, because the tracing has failed to locate one of the passengers from Brazil.

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  4. The airports should have been quarantined a year ago. Less people would have died. The Tories appalling mismanagement of the pandemic means thousands more people have died.

    The measures the Scottish Gov put in means more people have been tested, traced and isolated.


    1. Gordon
      In lay man terms only to assist all in assessing the pulp pumped out by in main ABC ( BBC )
      And all the rest of MSM who know full well
      That the ABC are the alpha dog in the propaganda wolf pack
      This Brazilian variant is in lay terms is a Fold 2
      That is it has 2 mutations, one from the S.African variant
      Brazil became aware of it when 1000,s of those who previously caught covid, became infected again
      This in turns means that this fold 2 mutant
      Had won the lottery and able to outwit your immune system
      Now if the variant can do so with previous cases
      It only takes it to go one step further to a fold 3 mutation
      Then the matter becomes extremely serious
      Further more it is already highly likely that it will have a marked effect upon the efficacy of current
      Believe me it is with 100% certainty that Boris the Terrible was made well aware of all I speak of here,whilst he was formulating his governments response to it along with ending/ easing of lock down
      But as usual he true to character and elected to gamble
      Well the roulette wheel is about to stop spinning and the ball land into what Number
      Comes up
      No more bets please
      Me thinks Boris,s chips are about to be raked off the table by this viral groupier
      He ain’t got many chips left and shall have to vacate the premises soon.Not for his or our own sake but one of for Humanity as a whole
      The pages of the history book are now being written and turned for the next blank page


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